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Matt Madden

Hey Beck!

It's great to meet you. I would love to learn more about the lessons you've learned along the way when organizing/running the 7 day 7 AM challenge you mentioned.

I plan to offer a similar type of challenge for people learning technical skills, but my version of the challenge would be more topically focused on technical skill building, with elements of mindset and goal setting content.


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Some lessons I've learned when running this challenge:

  1. Things can change and evolve, and that's okay.
    I tried out leading some breathwork in the first couple of mornings and when one person voiced their opinion about how stretching really helps them, I didn't hesitate to try changing up my own scheduled morning routine. In the end, our community members voice matters... so changing and evolving the program can help enhance it.

  2. Allowing people to share what they've written creates a stronger community.
    With the manifestation prompts, I really liked rapid fire shares amongst the group. Everyone got to know each other better when they heard each other's real dreams and desires. It built a strong sense of a safe community when they get to be vulnerable.

  3. Online communities are a numbers game.
    I'm currently trying to figure out what the sweet spot is for harmony in an online community. It was perfect for 7 people altogether for a 45 minute morning meeting but I'm trying to see how far I can scale the group up to enhance more people's lives. If you have any insights on this, please do let me know.

I'm interested in your challenge. Could you tell me more?

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Matt Madden

Thanks for sharing those insights! That makes a ton of sense.

Yeah, absolutely. The challenge I am wanting to offer my members (once I get enough members who are interested in participating) is for members to commit to the challenge of waking up early at a time they've blocked out every day (recommending anytime between 4:30 - 7:30am). After which, the challenge participant would check in with the community by posting in a daily thread, and then work on a course or project for that is going to help them build the technical skills they need to reach the next step in their tech career.

I have developed a system where I can automate a text to participating members at their preferred check-in time, to help serve as a reminder/accountability loop.