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The 2021 Community Club Summit is coming

We're thrilled to announce our second annual virtual event for builders and leaders in community-led companies—and it's 100% free.

Now is a pivotal moment in the community industry's evolution. Community is no longer a 'nice to have'—it's critical for modern companies.

Which is why we're bringing you the Community-Led Summit—a virtual event that will bring executives and community professionals together in a three-day learning extravaganza to bridge the gap between leaders and builders.

Our goals are for executives to better understand what community is and why they should care about it, and for community builders to feel empowered and armed with knowledge of how to advocate for their team and work closely with decision-makers at their organization.

We've already got a stellar line-up of speakers, including Jack Altman, CEO & Co-founder at Lattice, Holly Firestone, VP of Community at Venafi, and Cindy Au, Director of Community & Engagement at Brainly.

We'll announce the full schedule—and more speakers—soon.

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Sounds interesting! Who is this summit for?

Anyone leaning in to the community. That is, if you're:

  • ‍a community builder on the hunt for cutting-edge resources and strategies on working cross-functionally and with execs
  • a company exec looking to understand the value of community, and what it might mean for your business
  • community-curious. Keen to see the bigger picture, and how community can enhance your company or career

Count me in. When is it happening?

The event will take place over three 3 days, May 11 - 13, with content happening each day between 10am and 3pm PST (check the time in your timezone). If this doesn't quite work for you, don't sweat. On-demand recordings of all sessions will be available after the fact.

How do I sign up?

The 2021 Community Club Summit will take place entirely online. You could totally attend in your pajamas if that’s your style. The event will be primarily hosted on Hopin, with additional content happening on other platforms.

And it's seriously free?

Yup. The entire Community Club Summit is 100% free to attend. You’ll get access to all the sessions too, plus the post-event content and recordings, no strings attached.

Sweet. Anything else I should know about?

That fascinating, strategy-focused talks aren't all that's on offer. We'll also have:

🎶 A live DJ — to kickstart the good vibes and close off each day
🤝 1:1 Networking — for connecting with other attendees and community builders
✍️ On-demand recordings — so you can take in your sessions of choice post-summit, at your own pace

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Cecilia Razak

This is fabulous I'm looking forward to it!