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#ClubChat: Are new communities best grown slowly or scaled fast?

Which side of the fence are you on and — most importantly — why?

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Mary Scotton (she/her)

Slow organic growth. This builds a strong foundation. Once those "early adopters" are committed (supporting each other, stepping up as leaders, contributing content), then the community can support growth at scale (e.g., through community-led training programs).

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Jenny Weigle

Grown slowly. It gives the Community team the opportunity to learn and reiterate as they go. Ultimately, I think this approach best serves the users. (But definitely open to hearing other thoughts!)

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Samantha Taylor

Growing slowly. These things can't be rushed -- communities should be nurtured and feel like they have connections to the people leading the community. ❤️

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Oana Filip

Hey! 👋 Great question and quite challenging, I would say. I wrote my in-depth answer in our first community report. I hope it sheds some light: