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#ClubChat: As a CM, which department do you find yourself working most closely with?

And what are the benefits you see from working cross-functionally?

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Great question; when I was at a medical startup, I was actually nestled within the People team which is unusual. It worked well because there was innately more understanding and care for what community was trying to accomplish, as well as patience for results. However, I worked CF with product&marketing most and found this to be invaluable. Engineering team on an occasional basis when I needed help with implementation of certain things.

What worked best was creating my asks in advance along with why they were vital for both teams and a prioritized list so that, if all wasn't possible, please at least get to these 1→2 things!

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Seeing as how I work at a publisher, it's the editorial teams I end up working with the most. Apart from being super friendly people, they've given me the chance to continually work on my article-writing and figuring out how the company CMS works (confidence bosster + nice addition to the CV!). Oh! They're also VERY into bringing community into everything - they're just a lovely bunch!

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Max Pete

Customer support + marketing!

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Same here, Customer support & Marketing. In my case, Community sits under Marketing.

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Julie Blau

Same here!

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Lubomira Stoynova

As a Community Manager, I am also greatly involved with our People's Team, as well as our Marketing Department.
I do see a lot of benefits, such as agreeing on a particular tonne of voice throughout all channels, platforms and layers of our community. However, I also think I often get distracted from my main responsibility of growing and maintaining a community, and for a few weeks now am trying to explain to our CEO, that these things need to be managed by separate people if we want to launch a successful community soon.

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Working in a mobile app startup, I've worked closely (yet remotely) with the Product and Tech teams.

Through working with these departments, I get better insights on how to communicate clearly with our customers (ex. product updates, ongoing issues, etc.). It assures seamless mediation between our community and our team!

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Ben Halpern

Given how many depts community folks work with really speak to how important this role is as glue.

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In my previous roles, I worked closest with Marketing however now with Community being under operations, it looks like Marketing will be out and tech/product, iN!

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Julie Blau

When the company was a bit smaller, I used to work a lot with product and support. Now that we're bigger, I work more with marketing and support.

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Usually with PR and Marketing department to keep a consistent brand voice when engaging with communities/customers .