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#ClubChat: As a community manager, do you feel supported at your company?


This week's question:

As a community manager, do you feel supported at your company? Do you feel like coworkers understand what you do?

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Erica Moss

I do feel supported, both personally and professionally. At Atlassian, it almost feels like community is a start-up within the broader org, in that we have a lot of autonomy to run with our ideas, while also being propped up by the proper resources. On the personal side, leadership is constantly reminding us to take time off, which, of course, helps preserve sanity. 😄

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Mostly! I feel really lucky and grateful to be able to see that I generally feel supported at PicsArt. My manager and department lead are great, and several members of our executive team also understand the value of community and putting our customers are the forefront.

That said, there are still some teams and leads that don't quite understand community or what we do, but we're working on getting better aligned.

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Personally, I can’t imagine a more supportive environment than where I work. Having said that, my first time in the office I was introduced as Community Editor about three times by someone outside of our department 😂

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MarLiz De Leon

It is very hard to explain what community management really is especially to a start up company where I work at. Now, I am looking for other company that could help me practice what I learned about community management and to spread my wings from a company that truly values my skills, and helps me unleash my potential and put my ideas into life.

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I feel super seen, heard where I'm at. The downside is just the deprioritization to get on engineering and product/design sprints