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#ClubChat: Community Manager job descriptions: What are the key elements to include when recruiting a CM?

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Today's question(s):

What are the most important things to consider when writing a job posting for a Community Manager role? Are there any pretty universal responsibilities? And what skills and qualifications are a must?

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We've talked a bit about specializations within the field, so I think that's something to take into consideration. A Community Manager working on engaging customers in a forum would have different responsibilities, skills, and qualifications than a Community Manager working on offline events.

In general, I'd say that all Community Managers need to be good at relationship building and storytelling (internally and with the community). I don't think they have to have past experience in community, depending on the level of the role, but they should have experience working directly with customers.

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Noele Flowers

Totally agree hereโ€”when I was looking, I was way more drawn to job titles with a qualifier (i.e., community content manager; community engagement manager; social media community manager, etc)

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I definitely believe it would range of responsibilities depending on the size and type of community this person would be managing. However, I do feel that there would be similarities. I am interested in hearing others POV on this question and seeing the other responses! :)

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creativity! I know this is something that's hard to display on a resume but some of the best community managers I know think on their feet with minimal resources. You should always ask how your CM would do "X,Y,Z" campaign without any budget and see what they can come up with.