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#ClubChat: Crisis management 101: What are your secret weapons to deescalate conflict in your community?


We've all been there, and sometimes it can be daunting trying to figure out the best course of action when situations flare up. How do you generally approach deescalating conflicts in your community? Any tactics that did NOT work?

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Brian Oblinger

The worst time to make a plan for dealing with a crisis is during the crisis.

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Oana Filip

Hi! Great question! Well, from my experience as both a community builder and Chief People Officer, what I learned is that trying to please everyone gets you nowhere. Moreover, you add on the frustration that's already increasing.

So make sure what do you want to obtain out of your efforts. Do you try to please everyone because you're afraid they will leave or talk nasty things? Do you want to learn something from the conflict that helps you become a better community builder or offer a better experience for members? Do you aim to calm the spirits because they are causing too much damage (emotionally, time-wise, etc.)?

"How can I help?" and "What's hurting you the most?" are two questions that always helped me to get to the core and build from there.

Hope it helps!

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Mary Green

To start I'd probably remove disturbing comments and close the thread (turn off commenting), then I'd reach out to each member and explain our motto, code of conduct, and ask them to please help us keep the community clean because we'd hate to lose an active member but would have to ask them to take a step back if it continues.

If that doesn't work because they post nonsense again I message and ask them to take a break by logging out for a week or two. After that, I'd tell them they are no longer welcome and ban them.