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#ClubChat: Do you have a superuser program?

It's question time

This week's question:

Do you have a superuser program? If so, what qualities do you look for in prospective members, or what guidelines do you have in place?

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Andrew Claremont (andymci) • Edited on

We’ve had a few different versions of a SU program over the last handful of years. Currently working on blending them all into a new, more formalized program.

One of the challenges we’ve faced is that different teams want to use the super users for different purposes, but the SU members don’t necessarily want to take part in all of these different activities.

So, separately from the SU program, we spun up an intake form for folks to volunteer as “community contributors” and tell us what kind of activities they’d like to take part in.

They’re not necessarily SU program members, but they may get pulled into activities like advisory councils, interviews, etc... these different activities have different requirements, so the intake form includes some basic profiling questions.

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Alex Angel Author

Oh, I love that approach. Have you done a comparison of engagement/participation by members before the intake form came to be vs after? Can you share any general deets on what you're thinking about with blending your SU programs together?

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Andrew Claremont (andymci) • Edited on

We’re in early days on both blending the programs and using the contributor intake form. What I can say is that we historically asked for a lot from a relatively small pool of super users. The new contributor intake should help change that, both in terms of # of participants and the diversity of the participants.

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Erica Moss

We do! We call them our Community Leaders, and these are folks who answer questions online, write articles about their best practices, partner with our internal teams to improve our products, host events, and much more. We have various ways in which we educate our regular members about its existence (emails, webinars), and we try to strike a balance between making it achievable but also aspirational.

This page outlines some of the basics, so that members understand the ground rules before applying, and our application page illustrates the mentor, connector and ambassador mindset we require. In return, they receive a bevy of perks because we want to reflect the value they're providing back to them. :)

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Not yet 😉