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#ClubChat: Give us your top moderation tip

It really is an art. Do you have any processes, tools or tips that make moderation easier in your community?

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Alex Angel

There are so many I want to pick for this! Apart from the big one that Ben already outlined, having copy already drafted that you can just copy/paste makes a world of difference for moderation. Draft a few options that ladder up to each rule/guideline and tweak as necessary.

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Ben Halpern

Shoot understandable, repeatable principles for dealing with small issues, and clear escalation procedures for dealing with more complicated things. Have a culture which allows for "incident response" — but doesn't treat everything like an incident.

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It's a cliche, but I'd advise a mod to expect mistakes. Making errors in judgement, clicking the wrong icon, etc, it's all baked into moderation. The mistakes won't kill you and, if anything, surviving them is what'll keep you going when things get tough again!