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#ClubChat: How do you explain community management to your friends?

Kirsti Buick
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"Wait, what do you actually do?"

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Any fun metaphors you like using?

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Hillary Boucher

You know what's funny, I've stopped describing it as a community work unless I'm having a deeper conversation with a friend/family who I know really cares. If it's just a polite question I usually mention: customer experience, online forums, virtual learning, networking, and training. I talk more about the function and goals of our community program and less that it is a community program.

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Kerri Williams • Edited

“You know when you can’t figure out a feature on your phone and you Google it? You likely end up on the Apple Community? Ya, I do something like that.” Literally used that with a border guard once - he looked at me like I had 3 heads but let me go anyway.

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Jenny Weigle

I'm the host of a non-stop party, always seeing what my guests need to be satisfied, and connecting them with one another, while holding events and activities for them!