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#ClubChat: What are your community rituals?

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We love a good ritual! What are your tried-and-tested rituals that never fail to boost engagement? Or have you implemented any news ones recently?

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Victoria • Edited on

So many, but I attached the image of a few [which it seems like can't be viewed'

  • virtual coffee
  • 'meet a fellow' member interviews
  • knowledge drops
  • themed months
  • health check in
  • tupperware club
  • pecha kucha
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We have a monthly member spotlight! We've done it for a few years now and our community loves it. This past year, we started adding in an interview / Q&A where members can ask questions to the spotlight recipient.

We've also started doing a ritual suggested by one of our members where we talk about the "light" and "dark" of a specific topic (eg. songs, books).

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Hillary Boucher

We have monthly member knowledge sharing calls, annual meet ups at our customer conference, year end content & programming, Meet a Member series, Unanswered question round ups . . .