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#ClubChat: What events do you run in your community? What are your favorites?

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Have you run any events that worked really well lately? And what are your go-to's?

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Ben Halpern

We run a conference called CodeLand, which was remote last yearβ€” and it has been a joy. A real focus on community and inclusion that is not offered in a lot of tech circles.

This is the landing page from where the central online place for the conference was last year, to get a slight glimpse on some of the virtual format. (The old site can't quite tell the actual story of how it went down, but it was pretty great as far as purely virtual experiences can go).

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Kirsti Buick Author

Man, this looks cool! I love the focus on inclusion too β€” hopefully something we'll be coming across more in tech...

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Alex Angel

We have a bunch of different kinds, and I love each of them in different ways.

  • Bi-weekly community hangouts
  • AMAs
  • Workshops
  • Off the cuff brainstorming sessions
  • ExtraLife gaming marathon
  • Annual conference

There are a few other kinds that we're playing around with but I don't want to spoil the fun just yet :D

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Kirsti Buick Author

Waiting with bated breath over here! πŸ‘€

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WuQing Hipsh • Edited on

We run 2 webinars a month. We usually get 50-100 people per webinar.

And we host training days 5 times a month.

We are going to be experimenting with more workshops during our webinars (25 min lecture + 30 min workshop)

Now that London is opening up again, we will hopefully have more in person events!

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Ashish Suyal • Edited on

Hi Kirsti

Last year we had one amazing event around the community "Community (re)Focus 2020". The overwhelming response from community enthusiasts across the globe marked the success of the event.
The primary goal achieved by the end of the summit was building valuable relationships with the panelists, speakers, sponsors, and community enthusiasts across the globe. These relationships have brought forth a variety of opportunities for us to grow and serve our customers better on numerous fronts. The association also enabled us to devise strong advocacy and partnership programs.

Check out the Event recap here:

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Kirsti Buick Author

This looks so cool, Ashish! It seems like you had some great speakers on the schedule too!

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Juliana Ossa Correa

@anapal πŸ‘€

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Max Pete

Maybe I am speaking too soon, but we are running one in 2 weeks on Ice Breaker. I have been a part of one in the past and they are fun!

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Kirsti Buick Author

Oooh I've never been to an Ice Breaker event but I love their vibe. Holding thumbs for you β€” I'm sure it'll be ace. 😊