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#ClubChat: What's the most rewarding part of your job?

Let's share some good vibes this week. 😊

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Julie Blau

Once in a while members will say something like, "I met my friend so-and-so in this group," or they tag each other in comments, and that really gets me. I just want to shout, "WE DID IT!!! WE CONNECTED PEOPLE!" 😆

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Oana Filip

Seeing the various ripples of my work in people's lives, such as someone talking about how hard it is to jump from an employee mindset (journalist) to an entrepreneurial one (running a paid publication on Substack).

His story:

Often, rewards come after years, and I love when I get an email, or I meet someone who has been part of the community I've been nurturing and says: Oana, what you did back then helped me a lot, I'm grateful for having the chance to work with you.

Cheers! 👋

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Amanda Roberts • Edited on

One of the most rewarding things I've been able to witness is the journey people go on through community. They start lurking, get bold and ask a question, create conversations, join conversations, and slowly evolve into these full-fledged experts and advocates and amazing dedicated members. Their willingness and openness to be involved and grow is just awe-inspiring!

It makes my heart a bazillion times too big I can't stand it. 🥰

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Lubomira Stoynova

My favourite is probably seeing all the happy faces at an in-person networking event organised and executed well. An example that pops into mind was the beach barbeque I organised for 60+ people last summer. Everyone joined and helped with the cooking and set up, especially when all of a sudden a stormy rain hit us (ha-ha). I just remember I was terrified people will be annoyed about it, but everybody was so nice and really gave me a lot of superlatives on the whole experience.

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Ben Halpern

Working on challenging problems with good people.

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Max Pete

Supporting community members! Being able to help members grow in their careers, etc.!

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Kyle Pearce • Edited on

Great question! I'd say for me it is leading live workshops and teaching in an interactive way where I can get to know the people in my community on a more personal level.