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Creator Guild Spotlight: Max Pete

Max Pete, CM at Freelance Founders, found community while searching for support as a burnt-out freelancer β€” little did he know it would lead to his most fulfilling role yet.

Tell us about your journey to community as a career.

Max: "Honestly, it sort of just happened. I was feeling really burnt out in my freelance business due to going down the rabbit hole of saying yes to every project that came my way.

Because of the pandemic, I was scared of losing my clients and future revenue, so for any project that came across my email, I said yes to, even with the red flags present.

Because of the feeling of being burnout, I stumbled upon a freelance community online. From there, I started to get more involved with helping out other community members. I loved being able to offer advice, ask for help, and connecting with other like-minded freelancers.

Because of my involvement over a few months, I saw the founder post a job ad looking for a Community Manager to run this community. I decided to just reach out to learn more about it and from that conversation, it turned into a Community Manager role that I had no idea even existed!

I love being able to chat with others in the community and lend that support when needed. It fulfils me a lot more than my regular freelance work!"

What's your community superpower?

M: "Being an active listener and helping connect the dots. One of my favorite things to do is share resources. In freelancing, it is common to feel like you are alone in your career, so being able to connect other freelancers together or even just share resources such as financial planning spreadsheets, proposal and contract templates, etc. is something that I always strive for to do."

What's the best career mistake you've ever made?

M: "Quitting my safe 9-5 job of being a Project Manager at a music label and taking a risk to go freelancing. I am so glad that I made that leap because it really put me through a crash course on how to start and run a business. It also showed me that I am capable on relying on myself to generate income and that I don’t need to work for someone else to do that."

What's the one thing you wish you'd known when you were first starting out in community?

M: "That it is okay that you don’t have to have everything figured out. Starting a new career and having to learn a whole new set of skills is challenging and I put a lot of pressure on myself to master everything quickly. However, I felt myself getting a bit burnt out and having a lot of imposter syndrome when comparing myself to others. One thing that I would tell my former self is to slow down and enjoy the learning process. You are going to make mistakes, you always will and that is okay."

What's your hope for the future of community?

M: "I hope that community continues to grow like it has been even with people returning to the office and potentially leaving just working from home.

I also hope that as community grows, so does the communiteam (see what I did there?) Most communities now are run by one or very few people and I would love to see bigger budgets go towards building community teams like you would have on other parts of the business."

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