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Fireside chat on product-led communities

Join us and our guest Erin Staples tomorrow, November 10th at 12PM ET as we talk about product-led communities. The event itself will take place on Run The World, but you can submit any questions ahead of time in this thread or in Slack.

This event has happened, but there is a recording below! Feel free to continue the discussion in the comments.

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Alex Lourie

Alex - is it possible to record the chat for later offline streaming/viewing?

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We'll make sure it gets recorded and uploaded for later viewing!

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Alex Lourie

That's the answer I was hoping for!

Thread Thread
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Alex Angel Author

We get access to the video a few hours after the event, and then we try and upload 'em here the following day!

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Erin Mikail Staples 💻

Hey all! Mac and Alex! thanks so much for having me -- like always always a pleasure!

Happy to answer any questions here or in slack asynchronously!

<3 Erin

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Arielle Frank

That was awesome Erin, really appreciated your insights and perspective. Took a lot of notes :)

Thanks again!!

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Marissa Dimino

Yay LEGO super nerds :)