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Here's the Full Community-Led Summit Speaker Line-Up

With less than two weeks to go until our 2021 Community-Led Summit, we're lifting the lid on exactly what we have in store for the three jam-packed days of content.

From strategy-focused talks with veteran community professionals to big-picture panels featuring investors and founders, our line-up for the summit is really the cream of the community crop.

If you haven't booked your spot yet, do so here.

Ready for a look at the full summit schedule? All times listed below are PDT.

Tuesday, May 11

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Wednesday, May 12

  • 09:05 Community: The Heart of Your Customer Experience Strategy with Remco de Vries and Ben Anthonisz

  • 09:40 Opening tunes with DJ Asha

  • 10:00 Your Community Story: Communicate Your Community's Value Within Your Organization with Kathleen Hamilton

  • 10:30 How to Choose the Right Platform for Your Community with Andy McIlwain

  • 11:00 Signing The Offer: Connecting Hiring Companies and Community Pros, with In Before the Lock hosts Brian Oblinger and Erica Kuhl

  • 12:00 Supporting People, Programs and Products with Community: A Guide for Company Leaders with Danielle Maveal

  • 12:30 Pet Talent Show

  • 13:00 Developer Superfans: Building Trust with an Untrusting Audience with Tessa Kriesel

  • 13:30 Creating Intersectional, Inclusive and Intentional Communities with Shana Sumers

  • 14:00 How to Equip, Enable, and Empower Your People to Create a Competitive Advantage for Your Business with Travis Andre King

  • 14:30 How to Build an Ambassador Program the Atlassian Way with Erica Moss

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Thursday, May 13

  • 09:05 How Developer Communities Evolve, and the Value Builders See in Them with Christina Voskoglou

  • 09:40 Opening tunes with DJ Asha

  • 10:00 Community Triage: The Future of the Community-Centric Customer Journey with Adrian Speyer

  • 10:30 Community, a History: What We Can Learn from Communities Pre-Internet with Erik Martin

  • 11:00 Does Your Business Need a Community Team? with Cindy Au

  • 11:30 The Future of Community-Led Companies, a panel discussion featuring Alexis Ohanian, Lolita Taub, Elaine Zelby, and Mac Conwell

  • 12:00 Community Purpose Statements: How to Craft Them (and Why You Should) with Carrie Melissa Jones

  • 13:30 Community Show & Tell

  • 13:00 The Moderator Council and Adopt-an-Admin: Inside Reddit's Relationship-Building Programs with Zareen Ahmad

  • 13:30 Ops Top Dogs: A Special Breed of Community Professionals with Holly Firestone

  • 14:00 The Lattice Community: An Origin Story, a live podcast with Lattice co-founder and CEO Jack Altman, Mac Reddin, and Alex Angel

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Breakout activities

You'll have noticed we snuck a few fun activities in there — here's a bit more about what to expect (and how you can take part).

🎤 Community Open Mic

Do you have a special talent (apart from building incredible communities, of course) that you’re willing to share? We're thinking singers, comedians, mimes — anything goes.

If you feel you have something you’d like to bring to our summit stage, please submit your act via this form by Friday, May 7, and we’ll get in touch.

🐶 Pet Talent Show

Can your cat do cartwheels? Does your pooch paint portraits? Can your bunny play the bongos? Hey, perhaps they’re just really, stinking cute — that’s worth showcasing too.

Whatever their skills, we want to meet them in 1 of 4 five-minute slots, as part of our Pet Talent Show. Submit a clip of your pet and the trick you wish to present to our audience via this link, also by Friday, May 7, and we’ll get in touch.

🥳 Community Show & Tell

Think of this as networking — with a twist. You'll be sorted into smaller breakout groups, and given some weird and wonderful prompts to share more about you and your community experience (and hopefully make some meaningful connections).

To recap, that's three days, 30+ speakers, 15 hours of community content – told you it would be an extravaganza, didn't we? We'll see you there!


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