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That's a wrap!

Wowow, I can't believe we're at the end of the 24 Days of Community event. Where has the time gone??

A sincere thank you

THANK YOU to everyone who participated "officially", and to everyone who shared their own posts and questions throughout the weeks. There were some fabulous questions asked and insights shared, and we're excited to see more of this in the future!

Though this event may have come to an end, never fear... we have plenty more up our sleeves for the coming months, and we look forward to sharing and working with y'all verrry soon :)

Since everyone loves a good list, here's a roundup of all of the blog posts, fireside chats, AMAs, and more from the past 24 days:

Day 1 - The launch of Forem & Job Survey Results
Day 2 - AMA with Holly Firestone
Day 3 - Three Strategic Areas Every CM Needs to Define by Carter Gibson
Day 4 - AMA with Cindy Au
Day 5 - Building Inclusive Communities with Najva Sol & Danielle Letayf
Day 6 - Spooky Online Communities by Alex Angel
Day 7 - 5 Things to Do When Changing Platforms by Jocelyn Hsu and How to Migrate Communities to Different Platforms by Erica Moss
Day 8 - Defining Community for Businesses by Mac Reddin
Day 9 - What to Think About When Creating Rules by Alex Angel
Day 10 - In Community We Trust by Rick Turoczy
Day 11 - Fireside Chat About Moderation with Shana Sumers
Day 12 - All the Feels by Brian Oblinger and Erica Kuhl
Day 13 - Extra Life Gaming Marathon!
Day 14 - Sunday Musings about the Chief Community Officer Job Title by Erik Martin
Day 15 - AMA with Jake McKee
Day 16 - Fireside Chat on Product-Led Communities by Erin Mikail Staples
Day 17 - AMA with Tessa Kriesel
Day 18 - Lean Community Launch Framework by Noele Flowers
Day 19 - AMA with John Saddington
Day 20 - Metrics That Matter by Katelyn Gillum
Day 21 - Investing in Community-Driven Companies by Lolita Taub
Day 22 - Fireside Chat about Paid Communities with Preet Singh
Day 23 - Onboarding New Community Members by Andy McIlwain
Day 24 - On Call Community Expert with Danielle Maveal

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I really enjoyed the 24 Days of Community event and I wanted to say thank you for making it happen! I think it is a great way to get a community warmed up. It felt like a very natural/creative way of introducing new members to what CC is all about. I hope it's ok if I borrow the idea and do something similar for when I launch my community.

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Glad to hear! Feel free to take the idea, copy it, steal it. Everything we're doing here is to help fellow community builders build better communities!

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thank you, I'll def share with yall when i do!

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Woo, thank you to everyone who contributed, signed up, watched, read, and was generally an awesome member of this community over the past 24 days!

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Chad Neufeld

👏👏👏 to the whole organizing team 👏👏👏

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Alex Lourie

Fantastic work! And it's just the beginning :-)

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Arielle Frank

THANK YOU SO MUCH TEAM!!!!! You're world class 😍