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We're Launching The Community Club Creator Guild — Here's How You Can Be a Part of It

At Commsor and The Community Club, we strive to elevate our members' voices. We're the community for community builders after all — and you're the experts. We also believe that the best way to grow and evolve this industry is through sharing community knowledge. A rising tide lifts all ships, right?

With all that in mind, we're launching The Community Club Creator Guild, a team of community pros who will share their experiences, strategies, learnings, and more to elevate community as a whole, and become thought leaders in the space.

Through a variety of content types, from written to video, the Creator Guild will be regularly featured on our forum, blog, and social platforms. And before you ask: yes — this is absolutely a paid gig.

Interested? Here's everything you need to know.

Why join The Community Club Creator Guild?

💰 Get paid to share your community knowledge

Your time and expertise are valuable – we appreciate the work you'll be doing for us, and the community industry as a whole. You deserve to be compensated.

✨ Build credibility

As part of the Community Creator Guild, you'll be recognised as an authority in the industry (which never hurts when it comes to potential jobs or prospective clients...)

👀 Get discovered

Build visibility for your professional brand with regular bylines and comment features in content the Commsor & Community Club team creates.

How to join

To be part of the Community Creator Guild, you'll need to go through our application process.

The first step is filling out this application form. We'll be in touch from there.

Creator Guild FAQs

How often do I need to contribute?

Community folks are often spinning many plates — we get that. We're not putting a minimum cap on content created to remain on the Guild. That said, we're not putting a max limit on articles either. We'd love for you to contribute as much as you're able.

Um, I'm not a professional writer — am I still eligible?

We're not on the hunt for the next Hemingway here. If you're a competent writer, we'd love to have you. Our content team will workshop articles with you to make sure your features are perfectly publish-ready. We're also open to audio and video content — it's the Creator Guild, not writer guild. 😉

I haven't been in community for very long — is that a problem?

Not at all — we're interested in learnings and unique perspectives from both seasoned community veterans and newbies.

Can I create content on whatever I want?

If it's community-related, the short answer is yes. But we'll work with our Guild to confirm each content piece before they get cracking, to avoid any duplicate or unnecessary work.

Apply to join the Creator Guild

Got more questions? We'd love to hear from you. Get in touch with

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Erica Moss

Okay, so we LOVE this.

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Oana Filip

Such a cool initiative! I just filled the application form. Rock on, guys and gals! 👏

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Christina Garnett

Love this so much!

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So excited for this!

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Yesss, so excited for this to be live!

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Nityesh Agarwal

I'm so amazed to witness a community-led company like Commsor in action! 🤩

This is such a brilliant initiative to empower and connect with the top community professionals. Such a cool way to become a thought leader in the space!!

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Say less, I’m in!

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Im tying to understand this awesome webapp , is it something like reddit ?