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Welcome Thread - v2

Hey there! Welcome to The Community Club!

One of us! One of us!

In this thread you can:

  • Leave a comment below to introduce yourself to the community ✌️ Feel free to share a bit about your background, what brought you to this community, and any other fun facts you want to share!

  • Say hi to other folks who've joined the Community Club this week!

  • Let everyone know your favorite part about community building 👐

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beckdesigns profile image

Hey hey!!

I'm Beck and my purpose in life is to create authentic, meaningful connections every single day. I'm currently in a community called VYVE where the CEO is just an absolute ecstatic, joyous being who loves to celebrate life and he's been loving this platform!

I currently lead a 7 Day 7 AM challenge every 2 weeks and it involves daily stretches, guided meditations and amazing manifestation prompts. The journaling prompts and discussions help question people's why’s, solidify people's purpose, and help everyone dream bigger for their future. It's an exciting new adventure I'm leading and I'm loving the community I've built around it!!

I hope we can share more insights on how we can create successful communities together on this platform!

codelarks profile image
Matt Madden

Hey Beck!

It's great to meet you. I would love to learn more about the lessons you've learned along the way when organizing/running the 7 day 7 AM challenge you mentioned.

I plan to offer a similar type of challenge for people learning technical skills, but my version of the challenge would be more topically focused on technical skill building, with elements of mindset and goal setting content.


beckdesigns profile image

Some lessons I've learned when running this challenge:

  1. Things can change and evolve, and that's okay.
    I tried out leading some breathwork in the first couple of mornings and when one person voiced their opinion about how stretching really helps them, I didn't hesitate to try changing up my own scheduled morning routine. In the end, our community members voice matters... so changing and evolving the program can help enhance it.

  2. Allowing people to share what they've written creates a stronger community.
    With the manifestation prompts, I really liked rapid fire shares amongst the group. Everyone got to know each other better when they heard each other's real dreams and desires. It built a strong sense of a safe community when they get to be vulnerable.

  3. Online communities are a numbers game.
    I'm currently trying to figure out what the sweet spot is for harmony in an online community. It was perfect for 7 people altogether for a 45 minute morning meeting but I'm trying to see how far I can scale the group up to enhance more people's lives. If you have any insights on this, please do let me know.

I'm interested in your challenge. Could you tell me more?

Thread Thread
codelarks profile image
Matt Madden

Thanks for sharing those insights! That makes a ton of sense.

Yeah, absolutely. The challenge I am wanting to offer my members (once I get enough members who are interested in participating) is for members to commit to the challenge of waking up early at a time they've blocked out every day (recommending anytime between 4:30 - 7:30am). After which, the challenge participant would check in with the community by posting in a daily thread, and then work on a course or project for that is going to help them build the technical skills they need to reach the next step in their tech career.

I have developed a system where I can automate a text to participating members at their preferred check-in time, to help serve as a reminder/accountability loop.

borgeclooney profile image
Justin Borge • Edited on

Hey everyone!

Like others have said, writing about myself is hard. ("Why does everything I type sound arrogant when I re-read it?")

But I'm glad to be here, and am committed to being as active as I can be because I see the value in connecting with this group in particular.

My story is that I shouldn't be where I am. Rural upbringing, no degree, and a career largely comprised of serving people breakfast food. Yet...I'm a CEO, doing some pretty amazing, enriching, fulfilling work that frankly blows my mind that I'm even able to be doing.

I see a problem with most companies focusing on those with the resources to afford their services, which only continues to widen the gap between the privileged and the poor.

My company, Help With Your Hustle, is doing everything it can to focus on a target demographic who otherwise can't afford it. If you're a marginalized human dreaming of doing something better for your life, we want to be the company offering you a platform, the knowledge, and supportive community to make the transition from blue collar to white, as quickly as possible.

Looking forward to learning and growing with you all in this group. Thanks for having me.


codelarks profile image
Matt Madden • Edited on

Hey Everyone!

My name is Matt. By day, I am a Solutions Engineer for a SaaS company, and in my off hours, I am working on building a community called Code Larks ( Code Larks is a community that is focused on waking up early to build technical skills together.

From morning challenges to mentorship connections, Code Larks will be a place where people who want to transition into tech, or level up their current tech careers (like Jr to mid level folks such as myself), can find the accountability and answers they need to help them stay motivated and gain clarity on their learning and career path/goals. My vision and hope is for this to be complementary to existing communities of coding students and professionals, such as the DEV community and #100DaysOfX participants.

I am excited to learn best practices for building community, as part of The Community Club, and I look forward to contributing and connecting with you all!

mac profile image

Welcome to the community Matt! Love the idea behind Code Larks, especially as a super early riser myself.

codelarks profile image
Matt Madden

Thank you, Mac! It's great to meet another fellow early bird, and I'm excited about the community you are building here.

thehiveindex profile image


My name is Fedor, and although I'm not a community manager myself, I'm a big fan of online communities. I'm currently building a community discovery platform at, and want to:
1) find & list every phenomenal online community out there so interested people can find it
2) determine all of the features of an online community that make it so great, and make it easy to find communities by those features

If you'd like to submit your community, or have any ideas for how to make the discovery platform the best it can be, give me a shout!

andrewhoffman profile image
Andrew Hoffman

Hey Fedor this is super cool. How can I contact you directly?

chadneufeld profile image
Chad Neufeld

hello hello hello!!

My name is Chad and I joined the CommChat Slack workspace at some point really early in 2020. It's been a joyful space and I've had the opportunity to virtually meet a bunch of people over there. Mac and Jacob also gave me the opportunity to speak + run a workshop at the Summit which was a blast. Love the new forum and looking forward to hanging out with you all here.

worldofawakening profile image

Hello, I am Anna )
Originally from Ukraine, for the last 5 years lived in Australia and currently in Russia.
I am instructor of Givin School. Teach and conduct at retreats, challenges, webinars and different courses. The knowladge I share is basically my life purpose. It's about unlocking all the hidden potential each of us has within.
We have a big team of 164 members and a community of more than 400 people in Russian. And currently we are starting developing an English community. It's very new and has so much areas to grow.

I am happy to join this community and exchange experiences. I feel like through this I can learn a lot and help someone too ❤🤗🌎

pam_mocar profile image
Pame Carmona • Edited on


I'm Pame from Mexico City. I am an activist and community builder. I am passionate about self-organizing and believe the most important elements to community building are active participation, structure, and intention. I teach and use a methodology call sociocracy. Sociocracy is a self-organizing model that combines efficiency and equity, meaning we work towards our goals without sacrificing participation. It's a really helpful tool for community building.

I very recently discovered that I can actually work as a community builder. In the past, I have mainly worked as a campaigner and project manager. Always putting the community at the center of my work but now I want it to be the main thing I do. In that search, I found the Community Club :)

Hope to connect with all of you soon.

tylerbeaty_ profile image
Tyler Beaty • Edited on

Hey beautiful humans!

I'm Tyler and I'm terrible at writing about myself but here we go... I'm a tech and startup nerd with an itch for design and brand. I've recently been looking for ways to merge all of these passions together and building a community seems to be an awesome path to learn more about myself and my interests through meeting others with similar passions.

I currently run a branding agency that works exclusively with founders of series A/B startups, but find myself really missing working on more diverse teams around product. I've been attempting to scratch this itch for the past 5 years, working on countless personal projects and startup ideas. Building a valuable community for tech product enthusiasts is my latest venture. Nothing is live yet as I'm still doing customer development, but I'm planning on building this on

I'm beyond stoked to be a part of this wonderful community to share learning on community building from the perspective of both brand and product development. After all, great companies and products are great because they focus on solving problems for real people.

Beyond excited to be headed down this learning adventure with y'all and always available for a chat on brand strategy and aligning business goals with community engagement. I openly invite you to Abuse my DM's ;)

alexshebar profile image
Alex Shebar

Hello! I'm Alex, the former Community Director for Yelp and the first brand manager for Bumble. Currently, I'm the Director of Experiences for Culture Trip. Just discovered this am psyched there is a community for community. Thanks so much for having me, this is great.

cogentgene profile image
Gene 👉

Hi all ;)

Gene here. Looking to build the community. Very new to this and looking to learn as much as possible. Heard this is the place to be!

Look forward to getting to know everyone and soaking up as much knowledge as possible.


danieluhl profile image
Typing Turtle

👋 Hello, I'm working to establish engineering communities at Wayfair. I'm just starting out so feeling a little overwhelmed and lost but I'm jumping with both feet! Looking to figure out ways of measuring impact of strong communities with metrics and how to convince engineers that it's worth their time to invest in community building.

robinmbrowne profile image

Hi all! I'm an artist success manager (formal title, community manager) at TeePublic. I've been at the company for almost 10 years and am so excited at the idea of getting to connect with other community managers worldwide! I can't wait to learn from you all :)

Fun fact about me: I'm a stage IV cancer survivor and have a few years experience writing about living with cancer. If anyone else in this group is a cancer survivor, hit me up! I'd love to chat :)

kevino1000 profile image
Kevin Olfert


Not sure what I'm doing here, found it by accident (looking for a chat app). This is a new concept for me ... trying to wrap my head around it.

Looks like a friendly bunch that I could learn some new things about.

See ya around!

jasmingonz profile image
Jasmin Gonzalez

Hi 👋🏽I'm Jasmin and am joining after receiving the recommendation in another community I'm part of --Techqueria, the largest Latinx tech community. I have a background in education and have most recently worked at an agency as a social media manager for various clients, as freelancing to support startups with partnerships/marketing. Through this all, I continue to feel a deep commitment to sharing information and making resources accessible which has fueled my interest in community building and engagement!

As I navigate the job market amidst the pandemic, I've found myself more in line with community building rather than the operations behind marketing and am looking to learn more about creating communities and humanizing the work. Excited to be here!

mooraage profile image
Mukhtar Raage

Hey All!

My name is Mukhtar, I'm from the UK 🇬🇧 . I joined this community from the recommendation of a fellow community connoisseur. I am working on Newny []. It's a Live Q&A tool for virtual event organisers who use events as a user / lead acquisition channel or someone that just wants to get to know their attendees on a deeper level.

I love all things community building, especially throughout this year with everything going on. Having the support of a community you can tap into is just awesome. I've been involved with running a local community here in the UK called Co-Working Hub where we helped each other with business related issues but the number 1 rule was being social first. No selling. With this in mind, we became a tight knit group - a second family of sorts!

I'm mainly joining to network with like minded people and just learning about the art of community!

bsimonthomas profile image
Ben Simon-Thomas

Hey Community Club.
My name is Ben. I am building AgeW3LL: A Wellbeing Platform For Seniors. Connecting Seniors 65+ With Effective, Evidence-based Wellbeing Solutions Including Product & Services, Classes & Courses, And Media That Makes You Feel Better (Movies, Music, & More)!
What I am most interested in - is building a P2P community with W3LL that allows seniors/older adults to help other seniors/older adults. There is so much academic evidence that when humans help humans, we all feel better. It is, even more, the case w/ seniors. Seniors who help seniors, feel better/more connected and even forget their mental and physical pain (learn new habits/change biochemistry).
I am glad to be here! Happy to support others. Feel free to DM to talk about the "stickiness" of P2P.

jcountyprodigy profile image

Hi all! happy to be here. honestly dont even remember how i got here but probably a late night on twitter following links and things. have been doing a lot of reading about community driven products and am a big fan of open source software.

currently a graduate student but love writing on my blog where i talk about things & computers:

worked as an engineer then a product manager for a while before heading back to school.

marypeters profile image
Mary • Edited on

Hi everyone! I’m glad to see you all here!
I’m Mary, and I’m working as a marketer in Dashly. We help our clients to increase revenue on the same traffic, using such tools as live chat, chat bot and pop-ups
Will be happy to share our experience with you!

ahmadalhaj94 profile image
Ahmad Adnan Alhajj

Hello everyone! my name is Ahmad Elhajj, from Palestine, but I am residing in Lebanon, and soon I will be moving to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I am here to meet like-minded people and to improve my connections since I feel I lack experience in networking.

derrickmehaffy profile image

Hello o/

Solutions Engineer at was invited to come join Yaw Anokwa

otherjackieo profile image


I'm Jackie! Building community internally and externally at Doist (creators of Todoist & Twist). New to this fully distributed team team (~12 months). Currently working on building a Beta community, as well as activating our pre-existing base.

I'm very excited to connect with other community builders here. Very excited this space exists.

If you'd like to set up a virtual coffee chat or shoot me a DM, please do!