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Welcome Thread - v3

Hey there! Welcome to The Community Club!

Welcome to the cluuuub

In this thread you can:

  • Leave a comment below to introduce yourself to the community ✌️ Feel free to share a bit about your background, what brought you to this community, and any other fun facts you want to share!

  • Say hi to other folks who've joined the Community Club this week!

  • Let everyone know your favorite part about community building 👐

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ruthikegah profile image
Ruth Ikegah

Hi I'm Ruth Ikegah from Nigeria, I'm a backend developer and open source lover, I recently developed an interest in community building, growth patterns, and mindset. I hope to learn more from this community.

alex profile image
Alex Angel

Hi Ruth, glad to have you here!

zacnovakyyc profile image
Zachary Novak

Hi Community Club,

I am Zac from Calgary, Canada. I currently work in Product at an organizational behaviour change startup. Before my time in tech I worked in Investment Banking and Corporate Development and have degrees in Engineer and Business.

I come here cause I am interested in pivoting into the community space. Particularly those with an emphasis on peer 2 peer learning. In my personal life, I have a few communities that I organize (mostly informal), and really have a passion for bringing people together, and can see the impact that connection has on unlocking human potential.

I would love to hear of any other Product people who pivoted into community. I see a lot of articles on the opposite, and would love to connect with someone that has made that transition.

Stoked to be here. Zac

alex profile image
Alex Angel

Hey Zac! I don't know if this counts, but I started in community and then pivoted to product (and now I'm back to community). Always glad to see more product people start to explore this space!

zacnovakyyc profile image
Zachary Novak

I think that totally counts! Thanks for responding! I'll DM you.

Thread Thread
benjiblaine profile image
Ben Blaine

I’m going from community to Product 😎

dhungjookim profile image
DJ Kim

Hi everyone, I'm DJ Kim from Boston. Building with Jared Robin and Galem Girmay. Our community currently has 8,500+ members and growing. Excited to learn and contribute to this club. Let's grow together

johnwetzel profile image
John Wetzel

Hey all! I'm the community lead at Recorded Future, a cybersecurity SaaS company based out of Boston. Just found out about this group from another Slack channel and wanted to pop in and say hi. Looking forward to asking you all a bunch of questions as I'm still a novice at building communities.

evan profile image
Evan Hynes

Hey folks, I'm Evan, from Berkeley, CA, building — the platform for climate employment and community.

Climate jobs:
Climate orgs:
Climatebase Fellowship:
Community directory: (launching next week)

Here to learn and decide which community platform I should leverage for our over 150K website visitors — 12K of whom have already created profiles ahead of our community launch.

With slacks acquisition to Salesforce, it seems pretty clear (to me, at least), That's like wouldn't be the right platform for our community. Plus, it just doesn't seem to really be built for that anyway.

I'm currently looking for other options, especially options that can deeply integrate with our website. And, ideally, something that has a mobile app too.

Anyone have thoughts or suggestions on this?

Excited to be here!

kishoraditya profile image
Kishoraditya Chaudhari • Edited on

Hey all!
Kishoraditya here. Just another "curious about many things" person. I currently work in product, growth and community at an early stage startup. I own a failed startup, which I have started working on again as a side project. And also take up freelancing gigs from time to time in mostly electronics, energy, iot and product but also in IT and software, simply because there a lot of gigs in these two domains :P I love to work on side projects, the hustle helps me come to better solutions. Currently I have developed a liking for building a community. So looking to learn a ton from each one of you and would be happy if I could of any help to anyone! So lets connect!
The favorite part of building community for me is I guess being represented as a collective and the extent of results we can achieve by collaborating. I guess, world would still be a much better place if barter system was kept consistent instead of today's capitalism. What do you think>?

alexakilroy profile image
Alexa Kilroy

Hi all! My name is Alexa -- Head of Operations at online community-building platform Talk Howdy. Heard of Community Club from a marketing contact in ATX startup ecosystem. Excited to connect!

guliemu profile image
Julie M

Hey there, I'm Julie, French based in Spain, I'm here because I see a lot of untapped potential in the community of entrepreneurs & mentors we've created at Bridge for Billions, and I want to learn from all of you 🤓 Would love to hear about how to integrate a community space within an existing SaaS (if you have any tips/tools!), I'm also a facilitation nerd and recently got super into playing with the frontiers of online facilitation, ping me if you want to discuss that :)

guliemu profile image
Julie M

Oh and I'm hiring a Community Lead in Madrid too :)

alex profile image
Alex Angel

If you share the link to the job posting I can include it in our weekly newsletter!

Thread Thread
guliemu profile image
Julie M

Awww that's so nice Alex, thank you!

coderoflagos profile image
Opemipo Disu

Hello everyone! I'm Opemipo Disu, my passion is to explore technology - I'm a 15-year-old developer, an IBM Champion, Bitrise Expert, JAMstack Lagos Lead, and also a Developer Advocate. Can't wait to start doing some amazing stuffs here.

huatypogram profile image
Hua Shu

Hi Everyone! I am Hua, based in the US, I am building, a design tool that helps folks in SMB create their own brand designs : ) I am super interested in growth and community building, really looking forward to learning from everyone here! 💖

veradevera profile image
Vera Devera

Hi, I run a practitioner focused community of in-house legal professionals for Ironclad, a B2B Saas/digital contract management platform. My community largely likes to connect and learn in person so this year has been one of pivots. So far so good and I just submitted my 2021 strategy. I report into Growth and partner closely with Sales as I contribute to pipeline for the business.

What I can give: Happy to help anyone with virtual events and metrics.

What I need help with: I’m looking at platforms like Circle to complement what we’ve got on Wordpress.

chrislarry33 profile image
Chris Lawrence

Hello everyone, it is great to be here.

I am Chris from The Interledger Foundation and I am the Senior Manager of the Grant for the Web Program. Friend and colleague Erika is my partner in that role.

We are also building a Forem instance with our growing Web Monetization community. Our work looks to help change the business models on the web so that they feature open technology and practices. You can learn more about Grant for the Web here and if you want to join our community.

My favorite part of community building is how to connect and intersect communities with each other. I like to track the network effects of these creative combinations and see what emerges that no one planned for!

I look forward to learning from and with you as we all test drive this powerful and positive platform!

thelastjosh profile image
Joshua Tan • Edited on

Hi everyone, I'm Josh. I'm a mathematician + computer scientist at Oxford and one of the founders of, a research group building standards and infrastructure for online governance. I'm also the project lead of Govbase (, a database of projects and tools in online governance.

Just wanted to say that I really loved the "Tools and Software" resource! Shout out to whoever put it together. Glad to be here.

Edit: just saw Chris's post below. We're also in the Grant for the Web's Forem instance, as one of their funded teams!

nithin_synapse profile image

Hi, I'm Nithin from Malaysia. I'm working as a QA Lead and passionate about community building. My mission is to build a robust community-driven platform to find the rich voices, ideas & experiences among the testing community by opening up the world of possibilities. Looking forward to learning more from this community

predictability_ profile image

Hi Community Club, My name is Paul and I am from South Africa. I am passionate about communities and have been an advocate for many years. It's only really been the last 3 years that I have really got involved in Online Communities.

I am a Moderator in a community called Peak Community, for the marketing UNICORNS who dare to dream by growing 1% each week and I am also involved in another community called Democratising Entrepreneurship in Africa.

There is nothing better than bringing like-minded individuals together, with a common purpose to drive meaningful change.

marctech08 profile image
Marc Ward

Hey guys, I'm Marc and I'm a tech builder who uses AI, robotics, and aerospace tech to solve complex challenges, advance scientific discovery and deliver innovative solutions to help keep people safe! I'm a big believe that imagination drives innovation so I'm happy to build a community around that! I'm also a Trekkie if that helps!

What I Can Give: I like connecting talented people with the things they need to be successful. Sometimes a conversation can unlock a new design feature or a new way to build that MVP using no code solutions.

What I'm Looking For: I'm looking for talented engineers looking for a challenge and they want to work with a startup looking to change the world!

Feel free to connect with me or ask me questions!

quinncuatro profile image
Henry Quinn

Hey all!

I'm Henry from New Haven, Connecticut.

For me, 2021 is going to be about setting up a micro-community incubator in my city. There are a lot of groups and events I wished were present when I moved here four years ago. Two communities later (I run NewHavenIO and NewHavenNerdLeague) I think I have the social capital to work with other folks in the city to help bring my ideas to life.

My plan is to work with people involved in tangential groups to run a couple of test events for a list of different ideas that I have. If we iterate on an idea a few times and it doesn't gain traction, we'll move on to something else. If it seems to excite some folks, we'll put some more resources into it and deputize some people from within that community to help run it and take ownership.

There's a lot that needs to happen between now and then, but I have some time before the COVID vaccine becomes readily available to plan if I want to ride that "the world is becoming safe again, time to start slowly adventuring back out into the world" wave. I have a sneaking suspicion that local communities are going to be an important hallmark of the next five years.

If anyone wants to talk about this idea more or maybe offer some mentorship for a project like this, please reach out!

  • Henry
sreenidhi profile image
Sreenidhi Vedartham

Hi, y'all! My name is Needhi and I am passionate about community building. I am currently the CTO of Embark Women I co-founded with my mentor.
Ask: I am really interested in networking and giving back to the community so if y'all want to have a coffee chat, I'm in!
Give: I have sufficient experience to help mentor early career professionals and graduates trying to find what to do. I can look over resume, LinkedIn, and help!

bt_cdetzel profile image
Chris Detzel

Hi all,

I'm Chris and I build B2B online communities. I love to connect with others that do similar things that I do. I look forward to connecting!

Let's connect on LinkedInd too!

raeowen profile image
Rae Owen

Howdy folks! So excited to be here! Quick intro: I'm the cofounder and chief brand officer of Sandy ( - In a nutshell, I'm an agency expat now focused on building a "best of both worlds" experience for freelance talent in the advertising space. Sandy builds, manages and pays teams of freelancers for brands and agencies you've definitely heard of, and we're all about support, collaboration, and actively creating work/life balance in this wild WFAnywhere era. I want to offer an incredible community experience to our growing talent network and am thrilled to have found my way here to learn how to do it :)

thehourglassstore profile image

👋 Hey guys! My name is Riley, and I recently launched a side project called hourglass (it's a physical productivity product!). I'm thinking about building a community for hourglass and heard about The Community Club from a friend!

If things go well, I might leave my day job to work on hourglass full-time - who knows. Excited to learn from everyone here :)

amandarhiann profile image
Amanda Petersen

Hey all! Amanda here. I'm a community builder. I love dogs, snow shoeing, back packing, gardening, baking. I'm a nerd about building connections.