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Welcome Thread - v5

Hey there! Welcome to The Community Club!

Say hello to 2021

In this thread you can:

  • Leave a comment below to introduce yourself to the community ✌️ Feel free to share a bit about your background, what brought you to this community, and any other fun facts you want to share!

  • Say hi to other folks who've joined the Community Club this week!

  • Let everyone know your favorite part about community building 👐

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laurenf profile image
Lauren Fiske

Hi there fellow members! This introduction is delayed, but I'm excited to have stumbled upon this community. :) My career background is in social media, but I recently pivoted to a Community Manager role for a design agency in Wisconsin specializing in online communities and now mobile app development. I'm looking forward to learning from fellow Community Managers and maybe some networking!

emilypumm profile image
Emily Pumm

Hey y'all! I'm going to copy/paste my welcome post from v4 since I did it Saturday night and I think a lot of people missed me ->

Hi everyone! My name is Emily Pumm and I'm a 29 year old heart-led, creative type based in Western New York (Go Bills). I'm on the hunt for my first Community Management role! Prior to losing my job in 2020, I've worked as a full-time video and photo based content creator for advertising agencies, nonprofits, and start-ups (locally and nationally). I'm interested in transitioning into community management as I feel like the guiding trend of all the work I've done thus far as been to bring likeminded people together and watch them thrive, and I feel like I can better serve that mission in a community management role. I'm also looking to build two podcast in 2021: one centered around the importance of therapy, and the other around what makes people happy to be alive. I'm looking to land a new position as fast as possible, so any guidance or mentorship is so greatly appreciated! Thank you!

laurenf profile image
Lauren Fiske

Hi Emily! I was in your shoes in 2020 as well with being let go from an employer I loved due to the awful effects of the pandemic on the travel industry. Hang in there! I know it's incredibly difficult and such a rollercoaster. I was able to land my current role by having previous community management experience through social media. My advice is to complete certifications that you think would be relevant. This takes a lot of research especially with free and paid options out there. I would also recommend trying to get old clients to write recommendations for you on LinkedIn or in a portfolio since what others say about us carries a lot of weight! I admire your drive and wish you the best of luck. :)

jgodejsa profile image
Jaka Godejša

Hi Emily, hi Lauren!

My name is Jaka and I am 22 year old from Slovenia. Currently writing my thesis to finish my Tourism degree.

Lauren what kind of job did you have in the travel industry?

Well right know it is not the best time to have a degree in Tourism :D. But I am kind a excited as I with a few other students from my university started a company. We build a marketplace for booking local experiences, we could say that we are more sustainable Airbnb experiences.

And we want to also create a community from all the providers and travel agents (we call them Scouts) so they can help each other out. So I am transitioning and exploring this community building and community manager role.

From my research I found Mighty Networks to be the best for me, as I can start for free. What do you think?

Emily you can tell me what do you mean by Western New York? What does that mean, lets say how far are you then from the Time Square :D?

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laurenf profile image
Lauren Fiske

Very interesting! Hospitality Management is the only travel-related degree I'm aware of. My degree is in business administration with an emphasis in marketing. Sounds like some exciting stuff you're getting into! I got engaged in a Nashville, Tennessee AirBnb. :) My previous role was a Social Media Manager + blogging responsibilities. I worked for the parent company of and many other brands. Welcome. :)

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jgodejsa profile image
Jaka Godejša

Hospitality gets to be just a small part of my degree.

Congratulations on your engagement :))

It is, you can check it out at - this is our MVP, we are funding new, nicer platform at the moment. We steer away from resort like tourism and massive tourism that is popular in eg. Caribbean. We rather try to promote local, and off beaten path providers.

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laurenf profile image
Lauren Fiske

Love it. I know the industry will bounce back well. I wish you the best of luck on the journey!

emilypumm profile image
Emily Pumm

Thanks for responding, Lauren! Good to know I'm not the only one going through a transition like this during this time. I'm good on recommendations, but do you have any suggestions on where to start with online courses? I'm quite overwhelmed by the amount that's out there. It's hard to tell which are legitimate or not.

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laurenf profile image
Lauren Fiske

I did many marketing courses on Skillshare ( which has a free and premium option. I never got certified on anything using it though. Just absorbed info! At the time, I was focusing primarily on digital marketing so I did Google's Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course and Google Analytics for beginners. Both of which are free. However, I'm interested in online community certifications, if they exist. Sorry I'm of no help there! I'm sort of in the same boat as you are. P.S. I've really enjoyed this podcast so far:

anthemaker profile image

Hey there! I'm An, 18 years old and I'm the creator of! Nice to be here :)

launchbeast profile image
Emeka Onu

Hello all, I’m Emeka Onu and I’m happy to be here.

I have several years of experience in the online advertising industry.

I’m currently leading a growing affiliate management team at

_ajascha profile image
Arne Wolfewicz • Edited on

Hey all! A few months ago, I thought that "community" meant some kind of gathering in your neighborhood after church and now I'm introducing myself to a community about communities. What a time to be alive!

I've become a big fan of a few other communities, first and foremost IndieHackers, Demand Curve, and a dark Discord channel packed with techno producers. Their members all shaped my understanding of what this all means and I'm lucky enough to have made some lasting connections with some of them. EDIT: And damn, just scrolling through a few posts made me recognize a bunch of people – not least @ben from DEV who has been a huge help finding volunteer developers for a Corona website we built last year *starstruck*

We are about to launch our own community at Levity and got some tips from Mac the other day. Looking forward to learning and sharing!

spencer_vail profile image
Spencer Vail

Hello there!

My career background is mostly in customer service management. From managing small teams in SaaS to large call centers in E-commerce.

I was working in Event Tech up until 2020(COVID) managing a small team where I was doing community management as a side project within the company which led me to a contracting gig in the travel blockchain space that I have had for the last 3 years doing community management.

I have found it to be my preferred space to be in professionally and committing 2021 to round out the skillset in what most community managers outside of blockchain seem to have. As blockchain communities seem to mostly be focused on hype and I am looking for a little bit more stable employment

Excited to be here and learn from everyone and do some networking

superplane39 profile image

Hey y'all!

I'm Mith; I'm 18 years old. My community experience involves moderating a Stack Exchange site for several years, moderating several Discord servers, and now being on the Community Team at The Codidact Foundation (an open-source, non-profit knowledge-sharing platform run by unpaid volunteers).

I'm looking forwards to meeting other community folks, learning strategies for growing and maintaining communities, and seeing if this is something I want to pursue professionally in the future. So... hi, everyone!

davis profile image

Hey everyone, my name is Davis and I run Local SEO Community, a community for discussing local SEO and Google My Business tips and strategies (as opposed to SEO as a whole).

It's a public and free community, so you can check it out here if you wish:

osazeyyh profile image
Osaz Ehiabhi

Hi everyone! My name's Osaz and I'm a UX designer working out of Lagos, Nigeria from where I help manage a community of amazing designers from across different Niches.

It's been amazing watching our community grow from a small barely known one to one with growing appeal. It's definitely come with it's own challenges especially as we're navigating getting bigger and adding new members without losing the spirit which seems to already be strained by our recent switch to a new platform.

I'm excited to be here. Looking forward to learning and contributing my quota.

emanihr profile image

Dear Osaz, I lead a startup called Emani. We're looking for a community manager in Lagos. I wonder if you might be able to advise were we can get the word out to strong candidates? The ad is here: Best, Paul

erinposting profile image
Erin Bensinger (she/her)

Hey all! I'm Erin, a freelance content writer & social media strategist WFH forever from Kalamazoo, Michigan. One of my wonderful freelance clients is DEV, where I help out the content team as a part-time social media coordinator.

I'm an extrovert who now spends most of my time alone due to COVID, and since I freelance, my only coworker is my cat, Goose. 🐱 Where IRL community is concerned, I sit on my neighborhood association's board of directors, where I help use our nonprofit budget to support my neighbors. In a past life, I lived in punk houses and booked/organized basement shows. All that to say: community building & participation is really important to me! I'm really looking forward to building both my professional and personal skills in the area of digital community building and management. I look forward to connecting with you all 😊

tubui profile image
Tu Bui


My name is Tu, I founded and operating a community of marketers in Vietnam. We have been running since 2014 and have 40,000+ members across the countries with 100+ volunteers in 3 different cities.

Originally, a Facebook group, now we are evolving our own ecosystem including forum, mentorship program, affiliate, strategic partnership with various teams

langstonjessica profile image
Jessica Langston

Hello everyone! I'm new to the Community Club, but excited to join other CMs for networking, learning and forming some meaningful connections. I was referred to this group from another CM that I was chatting with today and already excited to dig in. I love connecting with other Community Managers & Strategists. I'm currently working at Salesforce. My other passions: boy mom, yoga, swimming, cooking + eating, mindfulness, and French Bulldogs.

philsantos profile image
Phil Santos

What’s up community clubbers and friendship generators — I’m Phil.

I built a conscious dance party for 5 years. Now I do play experiences with musical expression games, improv, and authentic relating: It’s called Ecstatic Playground.

I’m writing a book about connection based nightlife. I'm excited to connect with global innovators in how people come together. Like you!

Ask me about:
How to design nightlife spaces for conscious connection

Happiest moment of my life:
DJ’ing to a room full of weirdoes and hearing people emotionally orgasm.

ines profile image

Hi everyone, happy to meet you! Greetings from Lisbon!

I have recently become a Community Manager for my company, after being a Training Specialist and a Support agent. So I've got the product knowledge and the people skills but I want to learn more about the magic that makes a Manager make their Community thrive and contribute with my thoughts and experience too.

I speak English and Portuguese fluently. I also learned the tiniest bit of Russian, but I'm far, far from fluent or anything resembling it. It's the type of thing I like to do for fun, like eating arguably excessive amounts of chocolate and binge-watching tv shows with an existentialist streak.

langstonjessica profile image
Jessica Langston

Hey everyone! I'm new here, just wanted to say hello 👋 follow Community Builders & Strategists. I am joining to connect and learn with other folks in this space and learn from one another. I currently work at Salesforce & live in Bay Area. Excited to be here!

cole profile image

Welcome to the Club! We're so glad to have you here 😄

alacolombia profile image

Hai! I’m Andrea @alacolombia in Twitter, I’m a Community PM @GitHub, focused on supporting our user community and creating opportunities for genuine connection. Through my career I’ve relied on the power of community to help achieve my goals, I understand the value of real investment both in resources and human capital to create and maintain community fandom and good will. Very excited to be here and share!

noelmartin profile image
Noel Martin

Hi, Everyone! I have been mostly an entrepreneur and senior corporate trainer the past 20 years but now am getting into Community Management within the Blockchain Technology space. I love to learn and very anxious to learn from other Community Managers on how to get our customers to love us!

michaels profile image
Michael S

Hey everyone!

Lovely to meet you all :) I'm on a mission to build a community for Brandwatch - a Digital Consumer Intelligence platform. I'm gleefully stealing all of your best practice and advice, and hope I can give some back in return.

saptarshinath profile image
Saptarshi Nath

Hi everyone,

I am happy to have stumbled on to this community! I'm Saptarshi (Saps), cofounder of Airboxr—a no-code querying tool for spreadsheets. I used to be an EIR at Entrepreneur First, built a recommerce firm in the past, and was a management consultant before that!

I also curate a SEA-Slack group for local founders. I'm just starting to create a community for users of Airboxr. Looking forward to learning from the community here on how to build that community!


svc2_ profile image

👋 This looks super fun. I walked in to see what was going on and to pick up a few good bits of knowledge and speak with others who are into community building.

I do customer support part time right now for a cool little start up while running a small slack community for indie hacker growth and building tools around audience building.

I’m a professional tinkerer currently scratching my own itch with a community platform 👉

I’m really into TMNT. 🥷 🐢’s

Say hi. If you need help on anything let me know. I got a Servants attitude all day everyday.

marion profile image

Hi everyone 👋
I am Marion, I am 30 years old in 1 month (yes psychologically, it is a milestone that I underestimated). I am French (which explains my poor English) and I am active in several communities through professional and humanitarian associations. This year my goal is to launch a community of digital workers, first in Latin America then in Europe... a great mix of culture in perspective 😀
Looking forward to discussing with you all, Marion.

sow_kc profile image
Sowmiya Karthikk

Hi everyone !

I am sowmiya, a newbie community strategist and would love to engage in intriguing conversations.
I am a yoga teacher and lockdown pushed me into moving things online during which I stumbled upon communities. I am curious and
looking forward to widening my knowledge by learn from you all.

Cheers !

albertcnichols profile image
Albert Nichols

Hi everyone! I'm new here. I founded a community-based company called Hall in 2017 and since have sold the company and write about how community can be used to grow, launch, and market your business here at C&B:
I also wrote a definition framework for community that I think folks in this group could find helpful.
Looking forward to great discussion!