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Welcome Thread - v7

Hey there! Welcome to The Community Club!

Well hello there!

In this thread you can:

  • Leave a comment below to introduce yourself to the community ✌️Feel free to share a bit about your background, what brought you to this community, and any other fun facts you want to share!
  • Say hi to other folks who've joined the Community Club this week!
  • Let everyone know your favorite part about community building 👐

Discussion (47)

thatchristinag profile image
Christina Garnett • Edited on

Hi! I'm a senior marketing manager for HubSpot, focused on offline community and advocacy. I've done community management and led teams through multiple positions. I love how community is becoming more well regarded now and hope I can share my experience with others.

My favorite part about community building is creating a space for others to feel welcome and appreciated.

hillaryboucher profile image
Hillary Boucher

Hi community pros. My name is Hillary and I live with my family in Ithaca, NY. I love boating on Cayuga Lake during our warmer seasons and keeping our wood stove burning all winter long.

I have been building community at UKG (formerly Ultimate Software) for 2 years, but have been working in community for over 10 years. I do my best to stay up with my industry peers and a friend recently told me they were finding value here so I'm checking it out!

My favorite part of community building is helping to shift business and mental models into win-win community scenarios. This is everything from mentoring and training employees on leveraging community to meet their business objectives to proving the value of a community approach. I also love building narratives and messaging to help connect with all of our stakeholders.

I'm really glad to be here!

michelledev3 profile image

HI Hilary! Nice to virtual meet ya!

ethanclift profile image
Ethan Clift

@hillaryboucher "This is everything from mentoring and training employees on leveraging community to meet their business objectives to proving the value of a community approach." YES!!!!

christinakeohane profile image
Christina Keohane

👋 Hi Community Club! I'm Christina and I lead the community initiatives for small businesses at Salesforce. This is my first time building a community, so I still have much to learn. I'm excited to meet you all and learn from your experience. My goals are to find creative ways to drive membership, encourage members to connect and use the community to drive conversation.

A bit about me: I'm from the Bay Area and live in San Francisco. I love traveling and trying new restaurants. I am passionate about small businesses. I started my career in the start-up world. Most importantly, I am a very proud auntie and I am extremely grateful to live near my family.

I'm so happy to be here and learn from this amazing group of community leaders!

daveliao profile image
Dave Liao

Yay! I'm a big Salesforce fan - glad you're here! 🙏

christinakeohane profile image
Christina Keohane

Thanks Dave! I'm excited to be here and it's great to connect!

francisco profile image
Francisco Cruz Mendoza

Hello friends 👋 My name is Francisco and I have been working in community for nearly a decade. I began my career over at Startup Grind where I helped scale the community from 20 to 220 chapters around the world. The solutions we created for the community would later be spun out into Bevy which has helped some awesome companies foster great communities.

I recently began a new adventure as a Community Manager over at Notion where I support an amazing community of Ambassadors. Already it has been loads of fun and am eagerly working on some announcements soon 🎉

During my free time you can find me tinkering with hi-fi speakers + headphones, going on rainy day hikes, or watching movies 🎥

So happy to be here and looking forward to learning from you all!

golda profile image
Golda Velez

Oh I love Notion! we aren't using it bc of the pricing model - we have a ton of users - but I think its super well designed

ethanclift profile image
Ethan Clift

Love Notion and the subreddit!

davidkylechoe profile image
David Kyle Choe

Hi everyone!

I'm excited to be here. I'm David, and I currently reside in the PNW with my wife and Chiweenie, Milo. I'm the co-founder of a startup called Staat. Staat helps engineering and product leaders understand what’s happening with their teams at a glance by surfacing real-time updates and alerts from Jira and Github. I was previously a strategy and product researcher for companies like JP Morgan, Coca-Cola, and Purple (yes the mattress company).

This is my first time building community in the technology world, but I've had some experience building community with a pop-up I used to do in Atlanta called Gük. We made Korean street food and threw parties, and brought together the art, nightlife, and food cultures of ATL.

I'm still new to community building in tech, but I'm most excited about actually giving my audience a space to share and learn from each other. Although there are a lot of dev communities, I really don't see the same density of community for engineering managers, so I want to create that safe space for them.

Here's Milo.

golda profile image
Golda Velez

Love the street pop-ups! We're trying to help catalyze those with our app - I'd actually love to chat if you have time!

davidkylechoe profile image
David Kyle Choe

Hi Golda, happy to chat!

Do you mind shooting me a note at

We can find some time to connect

jennleverett profile image
Jenn Everett

Hi, all! I'm Jenn. I used to live in San Francisco, but moved back to my hometown in PA just before we discovered COVID. I still work remotely for Uber as a content strategist on their website, but I've been renovating the tennis club I grew up playing at and still managed to open it last summer. A lot of the senior members came back but I believe I need to get a younger generation here as well to survive. Additionally, I started an online community called, the Break-up Committee in fall of 2018 and we are at a modest ~200 members. No one else runs this with me and a lot of the time I feel like I have the least amount of headspace for it but I want to give it more of my attention and love! Hoping I can learn fundamentals to make this more self sustaining eventually. Thank you :)

michelledev3 profile image

HI Jen, I too a a Pennsylvanian but still a few hours from you. I live in the Pittsburgh region. Nice to virtually meet you!

kirstib profile image
Kirsti Buick

Hi everyone! I’m Kirsti, a South African, London-based writer, and Commsor/Community Club's new Content Creator. Really looking forward to learning from all the thought leaders on here–there are some incredible resources I'm already taking a deep-dive into. If anyone has any burning questions or ideas for content pieces they're dying to read, please reach out! I'd love to hear your thoughts.

magicw profile image
Magic Washington

Hi everyone! My name is Magic Washington and I am based in the NYC/NJ area. I came across the community club via Twitter. I currently serve as Head of Community for a digital career company called MilleniVision. We focus on helping overlooked, multi-cultural professionals create positive career outcomes.

My background consists of digital marketing and SaaS sales. As I embark on my community management journey, I am truly looking to connecting with like-minded individuals and soak up any information that you all may have.

Also would love to be of service in any way that I can for you all. Looking forward to connecting!

michelledev3 profile image

HI Magic, nice to meet you!

michelledev3 profile image

Morning sunshines ! My name is Michelle and I work with the GrapeCity a devtool software company. I am the PMM and my goal this year is to start a community. It sounds so easy, but I know it takes time and passion. I have the passion but time is a premium as I market six products. I have only been in the software space for two years with the majority of my experience in the consumer space marketing. We all know that marketing to a consumer is 100% different that marketing to devs. A community is the answer, I am open to discussions, conversations, swapping best practices, as well as being a sponge to absorb all the things community from you all.

Don't hesitate to hit me up! It will be fun I promise! Plus you will help me to achieve my daily goal of laughing at least once a day!

ungurianua profile image
Andrei Ungurianu

Hi there! Andrei from Romania here. I'm a marketer with over seven years of experience, and in this time, I've done almost everything that a marketer can do: from content writing to SEO, from Google/Social Media Ads to now trying to build a community with the help of my colleagues @Pixelgrade.

I'm relatively new to all this, and I'm keen to learn more about what it means to build and maintain a healthy community around a particular interest—for us is "stories that make us better people." Lovely to see this movement towards communities since, as most marketers know, ads and tracking are not the best way to build loyal customers.

Although I've been actively doing this for less than a year, my favorite part about community building is seeing people taking the time to talk to one another and share their raw stories and experiences authentically—something that's hard to see on social channels.

shk_anatolii profile image
Anatolii Shkliaruk

Hello Club,

I'm Anatolii Shkliaruk from Toronto, building an Agreement Platform for founders, owners & key-decision makers, who have a lot of contracts, back & forth negotiation and communication with their customers called Paqt

Have financial, compliance and marketing backgrounds. Love startups and business, know a fair bit about fencing and diplomacy.

Eager to learn more about community building, as we have a product-led project (professional messenger + dealmaking tools). Planning on launching a Clubhouse club "Daily Dealmaker" and help founders, owners and managers in sales/procurement/marketing with their legal technology needs, tips & tricks in contracts and agreements, discussing best negotiation tactics and much more.

Happy to be here, and feel free to reach out here or on LinkedIn to book some coffee time!

daoyang profile image
Dorian Cave

Hi everyone. I'm a member of the Deep Adaptation Forum (DAF) core team. DAF is an online community dedicated to exploring inner and outer adaptation to the impacts of climate change, and fostering mutual aid in the process.
I'm joining the Community Club in the hope of learning to become better at supporting our community.

carriemelissajones profile image
Carrie Melissa Jones

Hey everyone! I'm Carrie, and I am very late for this party. Hopefully fashionably so? I'm not sure, you tell me! I'm a community strategist and I work with many different organizations, ranging from political campaigns to the Fortune 500 and small non-profits and startups. I gravitate toward helping communities with deep purpose and mission over fancy brand names. I'm also coauthor of Building Brand Communities ( and I teach, research, and study online communities at UW-Milwaukee as an M.A. student.

oana profile image
Oana Filip

Hi there!

I'm Oana, a community builder with 10 years of experience under my belt. I've been nurturing tribes in creative industries, some local, some international.

In the last 11 months, I've been working to put together the Upstairs Community at Pixelgrade—a growing tribe of interest for people who trust the power of vulnerable stories in understanding the world and become a better version.

Waving from Europe! 👋

fionawinelist profile image
Fiona Chapman

Hey! I'm Fiona. I'm based in London and run Customer Experience for a wine education start-up, Wine List.

I'm brand new to community and am going to be working with our Founder to build, grow and nurture Wine List's community over the coming months. We're all about making wine knowledge accessible and think community is going to be a huge part of us reaching our goals.

Really excited to be here, looking forward to learning from you all and joining in some interesting discussions.

daveliao profile image
Dave Liao • Edited on

Howdy, y'all!

@cbath 's post on the Four F's of Community-Led Product Development convinced me to sign up to Community Club!

🍻 In the past, I hosted networking events for a non-profit! Nowadays, I'm a volunteer contributor on Atlassian Community. (Using Jira, Confluence, or another Atlassian tool? Join up!)

I help teams work together better, teaching (what I consider) common sense practices. I'm part of the Prahok Co. team, say hi!

In my spare time, I dream about keyboarded gadgets. You might see me on - drumming up support for devices that often get short shrift:

Me holding a phone

cbath profile image
Chelsea Bathurst

Aw Dave! Welcome to the club! I used atlassian at a previous company and really loved how it got everyone on the same page. Also mad respect for the product strategy over there

daveliao profile image
Dave Liao

@cbath I'm just a volunteer over at Atlassian Community, not an employee! One day, one day... 😆

sganiec profile image
Sylwia Ganiec


I am Sylwia.
My community experience started in 2014 when I got an assessment to build and run a community. This journey has lasted for 5 years during which I learnt a lot of new stuff around community management and product ownership like analytics, user experience, AnswerHub platform and much more.
This month has happened that I came back to this profession, so I am very excited!
I feel happy joining the community and hanging with people with the same passion.

I wish you a great day.

poryhq profile image

Hey everyone! I'm the co-founder of, a platform for creating membership enabled websites with Airtable as a CMS. I'm here to learn more about community building and how Pory can become a community-led company. Would love to connect and learn from everyone 😊

waciku profile image
Patrick Kamau

Hello Community, my name is Patrick from Kenya.
I am very grateful to be here. Looking forward to great engagement in community building.

cecilia profile image
Cecilia Razak • Edited on

👋 Hello! I'm Cecilia from Philly. I'm a startup founder interested in learning about community building for my new SaaS project: I'm currently on a mission to help remote teams and communities connect with each other, even from far apart. The tool I'm working on, Slides With Friends, helps make connecting with your group over video calls easier and more fun (it's like powerpoint meets Jackbox games). Here is an embarrassing video of me trying to lead a game event.

Outside of working, I spent this last year learning to meditate, freezey backpacking, and letting my dog dictate how I sit so he can remain on my lap. 🐶

I'm excited to join Community club, I've heard lots of great things!

stephenmichetti profile image
stephenmichetti • Edited on

Hey there! I'm a French-American who's lived in 8 countries and worked in 7. I've plunged in social enterprise, corporate and tech environments and community is the jam in between. In short I sit at the intersection of Brand, Community and Product.

Ex-BlaBlaCar (People powered carpooling platform with 90M+ members across 22 countries), Ex-Recruiter in Singapore and Ex-Social Entrepreneur in LATAM

Community makes so much sense having seen it firsthand and want to dive deeper!
Happy to chat

ethanclift profile image
Ethan Clift

Hai! I'm Ethan. I'm the CEO of Tonic Audio, but wearing hats as Community Builder and Head of Product until we scale. My co-founders (CTO and COO) are amazing and I can't wait to build a community of people who love our product.
I live in Reno with my family, two yorkies and 4 chickens.

I love the win-win situations that building a community around a product brings. Authentic community is so hard to beat. Early days at Etsy--the Etsy teams were such a wonderful way to kickstart the handmade movement. I used to run an Etsy team, had a started called Parlor Shows (we did backyard house concerts), and built and sold an org called Girlmade where our slogan was "Collaboration over Competition" back in 2012. I'm interested in helping people do what they love and live a sustainable life doing it.

Top 5 strengths:

  1. WOO
  2. Positivity
  3. Ideation
  4. Adapability
  5. Activator
wossen profile image

Hi everyone! I'm a co-founder at Pariti. We're a community-powered platform supporting founders in emerging markets by connecting them to resources, talent and capital. Looking forward to being a part of this community and learning from more experienced community builders.

rashid_maya profile image
Rashid Elhawli

Hey guys,
Lovely to meet y'all. I'm Rashid Elhawli and I'm a lifelong community builder, both online and offline. I'm looking to simplify the process by automating the boring stuff

alburezmyers profile image
Marcus AM

Hi everyone, I'm on the Community team at Zash ( - an EF-backed community-led fintech firm revolutionizing retail investing.

Always keen to chat all things community/fintech/life!

tomross profile image
Tom Ross

I'm so excited to join this community. I've been preaching the power of community for years (my company Design Cuts was started by me making best friends with our first 200-300 customers). Recently, I pivoted to brand as 'the community guy' in an effort to help as many people build engaged, awesome, kind communities as possible. I just wrapped up a book on the subject (currently being designed) and I could talk about community day and night. So yeah, suffice to say I'm excited that a friend recommended this space and I can't wait to connect with many of you and hopefully bring value.

My favourite part of community: building something so much bigger than yourself that can have a positive impact on so many :)

mattdodgson profile image
Matt Dodgson

Hello friends, I'm stoked to be here.
We're currently building an MVP platform / community to connect B2B marketers and freelancers with Tech companies looking to hire them at Marketpool.
And I'm new to community building, so here to learn and happy to help people where I can.

chrismcd profile image
Chris McDonald

Hi everybody!

I am in between gigs at the moment (spent last 15 years as a marketing manager for live music venues in Dallas) but in my last few years, I have helped lead volunteer teams at a few non-profits which has me thinking more & more about community building.

Perhaps both my volunteer experience and career experience in live events is somehow tied to community building? Anyway, I'm here to learn more!

elegant_tolly profile image
Omotola Eunice Omotayo


I’m Omotola and I lead the community managers team for SheCodeAfrica, the community has over 6000 women in tech across Africa. I’m passionate about building and helping others. I enjoy leading and providing solutions.

What I enjoy most about my role is creating a safe for community members, being a go to for members when they need clarity on any stuffs, bringing fun, building collaboration along members and lots more.

I’m here to explore and learn more tricks for building from others here. I’m open for collaborations.
I won’t forget to add that I’m a digital marketer 😉taking a bigger step into branding.

fiveablebecky profile image
Becky Sotello

Hello everyone! My name is Becky, and I work for Fiveable. We are an educational startup focused on supporting students through building community. Community is a huge part of what we do at Fiveable, so I want to immerse myself in other types of communities. Excited to learn from all of you!