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πŸ•Ί Welcome to The Club!

Welcome to the new home for discussions, articles, content and everything community related! While our Slack has continued to grow by leaps and bounds, we've decided it's time for community builders to have a proper place to share longer form content, have ongoing asynchronous conversations, and share their knowledge with the world at large.

Hello There

At the Community Club, we've always aspired to be more than just a Slack group for community professionals. Our goal is to create spaces for community professionals, indie community builders, and the community curious alike, all while helping to push the industry further than it has ever been before.

We're not stopping with a one day launch, oh no. Today is only day 1 of our 24 days of community launch event. Be sure to check back every day for the next 23 days for content, guest posts, AMAs, and more from incredible community builders. Prefer an advent calendar style view of content? We've got that for you!

While we're not revealing all of the content until the day off, we do have some live events happening, which we've included below so that you can add them to your calendar now!

Tuesday, October 27th: AMA @ 3PM ET; enterprise communities, team structure, and more!

Thursday, October 29th: AMA @ 12PM ET; anything goes!

Friday, October 30th: Fireside chat and open discussion @ 4PM ET; "who belongs here?"

Thursday, November 5th: Fireside chat @ 3PM ET; moderation

Friday, November 6th: Live podcast @ 11AM ET; all of the feels

Saturday, November 7th: ALL DAY GAMING MARATHON! Come play games with us while we raise money for Extra Life.

Monday, November 9th: AMA @ 1PM ET; anything goes!

Tuesday, November 10th: Fireside chat @ 12PM ET; how to manage/engage with product-led communities

Wednesday, November 11th: AMA @ 11AM ET; relationship building with developer communities

Thursday, November 12th: Workshop @ 11AM ET; lean community launch framework

Monday, November 16th: AMA @ 10AM ET; paid vs free community spaces

Wednesday, November 18th: On-call community expert. An incredible community builder will be here all day to answer your community questions, getting in the trenches with you to build better communities!

Another platform?

The Community Club is now a multi-platform experience (🀯). We've launched this second platform for a number of reasons:

Engage a wider audience - a public forum like this makes it easier for new people to find, discover and ultimately engage with the community. This allows us to more easily bring more eyes to the community world.

Long form content - us community folks have a lot of thoughts to share, and a Twitter or Slack thread isn't always the best form. This new platform will allow us to provide the best place on the interest for long form thoughts, discussions and content related to community.

Async contributions - the nature of discussion on a forum platform vs a chat platform will always be different, and we want to enable both types to occur. Async contributions will be more readily possible here.

Overall this will not affect the experience for those community members in the Slack. We've got a robust engagement plan in place to make sure that you're able to easily engage with The Club, whether it be through Slack, Twitter, our newsletter, or this new forum.

Why Forem?

Many of you are probably wondering why we chose Forem out of all of the available community platforms out there. There certainly is no shortage of choice in platforms these days, but very few can truly claim to have built community first and platform second.

For those of you who don't know, Forem is built by the team behind, an incredible community for developers that we've been big fans of for quite some time. We've been able to work closely with the team to make sure that we build the best possible experience for our community, and we couldn't be more excited to finally reveal it for you all!

Time to Get Started!

And just like that, a new community is launched! Head on over to our first bi-weekly welcome thread to introduce yourself to the community and start participating.

Throughout the next 24 days, we'll be picking folks to win a variety of awesome Community Club swag, including stickers, tea(!!), custom socks, and more! Participate to increase your chances of winning.

❀️ Mac and the whole Community Club Team

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jacobherrington profile image
Jacob Herrington

I'm really interested in following along with this community. Best of luck and glad you're all gonna be hanging out here :D

alex profile image
Alex Angel

Thanks for helping build such a cool platform! Can't wait to dig into more of the nuanced features and see what resonates with folks.

brianoblinger profile image
Brian Oblinger

Awesome job getting this off of the ground! It's going to be great!

8bit profile image
John @ YEN

congrats on the launch!

idoshamun profile image
Ido Shamun

Yay! This is so great. Looking forward to all the goodies πŸ™Œ

katrine_129 profile image

Woohoo! So excited!

michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

Heyo! This is really exciting. Nice to meet you all. πŸ‘‹

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francescoronel profile image
Frances Coronel

Techqueria is considering a forum solution as well β€” so great to see this for inspiration!! πŸ’›

alex profile image
Alex Angel

Ooo can't wait to see what you land on! Always happy to chat with you about our experience with Forem if you think this might be a good solution for your community.

Would love to hear your thoughts about our setup once you've had more time to explore :)

erica profile image
Erica Moss

Congrats on the launch, y'all!

enaughton profile image
Emmett Naughton

Super excited about this! I'm looking into using Forem for my community as well. Just waiting for feedback from the community.

llamasayswhat profile image
Shannon Emery

YAY!!! I made it! Finally! Also, congrats on the launch!