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CCW #8 - The 2020 Community Industry Trends

CCW #8 - The 2020 Community Industry Trends

Highlights from the CMX State of Community Industry 2020 Report

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📚 The State of the 2020 community Industry

Every year, CMX publishes a research report on trends in the community industry. The report is mainly geared toward corporate community managers, but many trends are highly applicable to independent community owners as well.

The Community Chat Weekly team sunk our teeth into the newly released 2020 CMX report, and pulled out some of the best insights for you all below! Enjoy 😊

For companies that have a community, the majority have both an online and offline presence.

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For In-person communities, Eventbrite and Meetup are the two dominant platforms of choice for community managers and organizers.

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For companies that manage professional communities digitally, Facebook Groups and Slack workspaces are by far the two most popular platform choices.
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Engagement and manual processes are the biggest challenges that community managers face.

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Only 1 in 4 companies that have a digital community presence are able to connect it back to their customer CRM.

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And our biggest takeaway is that there's never been a greater time to be a community builder. The world is quickly waking up to the fact that community is the future of social interaction!

🐦 Tweets

Although the definition of a 'digital community' can sometimes be blurry, social media management and community management are two very different skillsets. Do you agree?

When it comes to intra-company communication and "internal" corporate community, Slack adoption versus Microsoft Teams is a popular comparison. Although Slack has a smaller daily active userbase (12m vs. 20m), their users generate 5B weekly "actions" as compared to 220M by Microsoft Teams users.

Is community building analogous to product building? David Spinks seems to think so.

📝 Posts

A handful of recommended readings from the past week.

Thank Your Members! (2 minute read)

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday for those in the US that are celebrating – a post highlighting the importance of thanking your most engaged members, plus a few tips and tricks for doing so!

What are the best tools to use for your Community? (3 minute read)

A thriving discussion on the pros and cons of various community building tools over on the Maker-forum Indie Hackers.

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iamcesarromero profile image

What are some of the CRM's out there that can easily connect community and customer data? Out of all the community platforms out there, which ones provide you with this feature?

Being able to connect community and customer data is key in measuring business objectives and community objectives.

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Hey Cesar, I've got some thoughts on this, will shoot you a DM.