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Community Chat Weekly #0

Community Chat Weekly #0

First issue of the community newsletter!

Welcome to the first ever issue of Community Chat Weekly! CCW is a newsletter about building and growing communities, featuring collected tweets, posts and thoughts from various community leaders.

Question of the Week

How did you get the first 100 members to join your community? Any actionable tips for those just starting out?

Reply with your thoughts on the QOTW for a chance to be featured in next weeks email!

🐦 Tweets

Twist, a Slack alternative with some interesting unique features, is now free (‼️) for communities! Learn more here.

The Young Community Innovators Gathering are putting together a cohort of young adults interesting in creating new structures of community in New York City from January 10th-12th, 2020. Really interesting concept! Learn more at the tweet thread below or submit an application here.

📝 Blog Posts

A handful of recommended readings from the past week.

Using AMAs to Create Engagement in Your Community (3 minute read)
by Mac Reddin

How do you Recruit Volunteer Moderators? (4 minute read)
by Alison Michalk

Rules of Community Engagement (8 minute read)
by Chad Neufeld & Leisa Northcott

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Tessa Kriesel

I actually just shared a bit of advice for starting a community with those first 100 folks over here: