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Community Chat Weekly #4

Community Chat Weekly #4

The skill of community building - whats happening in the world of community this week.

CCW is a newsletter about building and growing communities, featuring collected tweets, posts and thoughts from various community leaders.

Question of the Week

What keeps you motivated to keep running and growing your community?

Reply with your thoughts on the QOTW for a chance to be featured in next weeks email!

Last weeks question was “What growth tactics do you use to spread the word about your community? How do you attract the bulk of your new members?”. 12 of you replied, and Shawn from DevOps Chat on Slack stole the show with his response:

"My growth tactic is taking a risk in asking some people to share the community. For example, I asked Obama’s former CTO if he’d share the community. He could have said no, but he didn’t and it did wonders. If he said no, then I’d have gone onto the next person."

We have an ongoing discussion in our Discord about each question of the week. Feel free to join if you’d like to join the conversation with other community builders!

🐦 Tweets

AngelList CEO Naval Ravikant praises the skill of community building, with some great replies:

Thoughts on community monetization from Li Jin, Partner at A16Z

📝 Blog Posts

A handful of recommended readings from the past week.

Lessons learned studying 2,000 communities (3 minute read)
by Jacob Peters

What's Next After Meetup's Failed Experiment? (3 minute read)
by Carrie Melissa Jones

Andreesen Horowitiz's thoughts on The Passion Economy (7 minute read)
by Li Jin

Discussion (1)

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Tessa Kriesel

Motivation! Ohhhh so many motivators! I LOVE people. And getting to know people in a space where I am seen as a resource is very fulfilling for me. I've began to realize that life is all about who you know and what value you have provided them. Community work allows you to build a giant network very quickly. 💜