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🕺 Community is (and should be) fun! | CCW #45

Community Club Weekly
Issue #45 | October 1, 2020

Community Club Weekly is a newsletter about building and growing communities, featuring collected tweets, posts and thoughts from various community managers.

🤣 Community is (and should be) fun

Community should be fun. Whether you're building a community for enterprise customers, a local minigolf group, no-code makers, or anything in between, community is the best place for your organization to have a personality.

Professional communities can still be fun while maintaining the primary function of connecting people within a profession or industry. Companies may worry about coming across as unprofessional if they're seen to be more fun and casual, but so long as the core purpose for the community is well defined you can still make space to have a good time with your community members.

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Old community website vs new community website. Which would you be more inclined to learn more about?

Having fun with your community is also a great way to build genuine relationships, and elevate your members. Just the other day, one of our members, Noele, told us that The Club "slaps", and so our Twitter bio was updated on the spot.

P.S. - if you're not already following the Club on Twitter, it's time to change that!

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Don't take yourself or your community too seriously. Even the most hardcore enterprise communities have shown that it's possible to have personality. Just take a look at any of the pages from the Salesforce Trailblazer community. From branding to language and positioning, the community clearly has a voice.

Having personality allows you to humanize your community (and by extension your company, if applicable), while also making it easier for members to participate. Find ways to have fun with your community, whether it be through emoji reactions, fun branding, dedicated places to talk about everyone's furry friends, or anything else that helps foster genuine human connection and empathy.

🕹 Extra Life

What better way to have fun with your community than playing games for a great cause? That's why we'll be participating in Extra Life this year, a fundraising program that gathers gamers (and non-gamers) from around the world to play games for 24 straight hours and raise money for Children's Miracle Network hospitals.

Many community managers got their start in (or still work in) the world of video games, including myself (and Alex!), so this feels like a perfect fit for us to play some great games together while raising money for children's hospitals.

On November 7th, we'll be doing a 12 hour livestream with the community, playing games such as Jackbox, Golf With Your Friends, Rocket League, and more! Sign up on our Extra Life page to help us raise money, and respond to this email if you'd be interested in participating in the live gaming!

More info to come in the next few weeks, keep your eyes on the Slack community.

📆 Upcoming Events

Upcoming events, from the club and its members.

Community Happy Hour - Thursday, October 8

CMX Summit - October 5 - 7

Community Club Extra Life Marathon - Saturday, November 7th

🐦 Community Tweets

Shout out to our fellow community managers doing great work!

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A handful of open roles from our community!

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