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Community is the new ______? - Community Chat Weekly #22

Community is the new ______? - Community Chat Weekly #22

Three thoughts on the future of community. Plus collected tweets and posts from various community managers.

Community Chat Weekly is a newsletter about building and growing communities, featuring collected tweets, posts and thoughts from various community managers.

πŸ“‘ Community is the new ______?

Fill in the blank! The Community Chat team rounded up some interesting musings on community as of late. We've seen a lot of thoughts about the importance of community and the business mechanics behind why it’s so powerful for companies, so we’ve curated some of these thoughts. Enjoy.

πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ1. Community is the new customer journey

Companies are racing to build communities. Why? Because a well-run community impacts every facet of the customer life cycle. Erik Torenberg, Founder at Village Capital encapsulates the reasoning well in this Tweet thread:

Some other powerful anecdotes from investors and thinkers about how community is redefining businesses:

When a company is able to make the transition from simply delivering a product to building a community, they unlock an extraordinary amount of competitive advantages.

– Flybridge VC Investment Thesis: The Power of Community

Community-driven companies harness the power of a highly engaged, connected, and passionate ecosystem of members to drive adoption, growth, and success.

– Jeff Bussgang and Jono Bacon, January 2020 Harvard Business Review.

If you're not convinced yet, then your company is probably already behind.

πŸ” 2. Community is the new moat

Chris Dixon, Venture Capitalist at Andreessen Horowitz has the famous saying:

Come for the tool, stay for the network.

Instagram is a great example of this concept – their initial hook was innovative mobile-friendly photo filters. But then Instagram made it easy to share those photos with it's network, which of course became the preferred way to use the tool over time.

Come for the tool, stay for the network is often right, but with community there is the opportunity for companies to put this in reverse. Come for the community, stay for the tool. When a company creates a community, they have the opportunity to deliver value and trust first, and conversion to a paying customer or a tool user is secondary and often happens organically. This phenomena also provides defensibility for companies, especially when a product or software offering becomes commoditized. Community evokes an emotional and human connection as well as a feeling of belonging – something not easily replicable by solely a product offering.

"Member" > "User"

And as we mentioned in CCW issue #18, First Round Ventures summarized all of community's powerful effects as being "The New Moat" in their latest research report.

Alt Text

😱 3. Community is the new scarcity.

David Booth, CEO of the community On Deck has a theory that community is the new scarcity. As it becomes easier to start companies or copy competitor offerings, a passionate user base will be the differentiating factor. Ideas and resources are no longer becoming scarce, rather the people to evangelize or product or the right people to build your product. The right community can solve both of these problems.

On the other end of the spectrum, community member abundance isn't always a good thing. Not all community members are created equal. We call this community phenomenon "The Nightclub Effect," where community growth can have "reverse network effects," or detrimental impact to the whole.

This is one of our favorite Tweets on the topic:

Nightclubs are a perfect example here, as more people filter in beyond a certain point, the experience gets worse and more crowded for everybody. Conferences, elite social clubs, or overcrowded single-channel group chats on WhatsApp are other examples. Not all communities are meant to scale. # of members is usually the wrong metric, as compared activity, engagement, and satisfaction from existing members.

Too much demand? Start a waitlist or break into sub groups. Communities take time.

❓ Question of the Week

Community is the new __________?

What's your take? Fill in the blank, reply and let us know your thoughts!

🐦 Tweets

Conference cancelled? Online community mangers to the rescueπŸŽ‰

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