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πŸ’Ό Community Job Survey Results | CCW #49

Community Club Weekly
Issue #49 | October 29, 2020

Community Club Weekly is a newsletter about building and growing communities, featuring collected tweets, posts and thoughts from various community managers.

πŸ•Ί 4 Days into the 24 Days of Community

In case you missed it, (more) big things are happening at The Community Club! We officially launched a new forum platform, and to kick things off we're hosting 24 days of content, events, and fun. Today we're hosting an AMA with Cindy Au, the Director of Community & Engagement at Brainly. Stop by and ask her anything about communities in the education space, her time as an early employee at Kickstarter, community growth, or anything you may be interested in learning more about!

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πŸ€‘ The job survey results are in!

A little over a month ago, a lot of us in the community space were on the same wavelength. We had multiple discussions with numerous people over the course of a few days about how it was so difficult to find any concrete information from a wide group of people about what compensation looks like for community managers, what people's job titles are, and how the community team ladders up within organizations. It's infinitely more difficult to advocate for yourself if there's little information about what comparative salaries and job functions look like (and we all know that community builders absorb so many responsibilities and often don't get recognized for the hard work they do). We wanted to try and fix that, and over 100 fabulous folks from all over the world provided us with (anonymous) details about their experience in the community industry.

What are people's job titles?

We all know that job titles are more or less made up, and that community builders (regardless of what their title actually says) consistently own a variety of responsibilities that span everything from support to marketing to HR. While a majority of the responses we received were of the standard CM variety, there were a lot of fun ones that I hadn't seen before.

Alt Text

All told, we had 38 DIFFERENT job titles that people submitted. The inconsistency in job titles paints a picture we know all too well: that community is often used as a catch-all for miscellaneous tasks and that we have a lot of work to do to create understood career paths that other community builders can follow.

Some highlights for unique job titles are: Manager, Member Connections; Event Marketing Manager; Manager, Community & Loyalty; and Community Tactician.

What's the average salary a full-time Community Manager makes?

It's always tricky to determine whether the average salary is a good data point to consider, since cost of living and salaries vary significantly around the world. But I think it's important to have a baseline number to work off of, and do your own due diligence on what makes sense for where you live. If you're lucky, the company you're in negotiations with or already work for may not care where in the world you're located and will pay you according to what industry average is.

So, without further ado, based on our survey responses these are the salaries for:

A full-time community manager's average salary is $77,000 USD. The highest reported salary for a Community Manager is $220,000 USD (way to go!!!), and the lowest is $31,000.

A Senior Community Manager (folks who have ~4+ years of experience as a CM) can expect an average salary of $102,000 USD, with the highest reported at $180,000 USD and lowest at $34,000 USD.

A Head of Community (on average 7+ years as a CM) has an average salary of $141,000 USD, with the highest reported salary at $375,000 USD and the lowest at $44,000 USD.

What is the Community Team's primary function?

We've seen the departments the community teams ladder up to, the fact that people are getting moved from one role to a community role at their same company, and a wide array of job titles that include words like "social" or "success" or "operations"... but what does that mean for the community team's actual purpose?

Communities serve different purposes for each company, regardless of industry and how the community team itself ladders up within the company. The most common purpose from our survey was communities centered around support: 50% of respondents said the primary function their community serves is one of support. Coming in at a not all too distant second at 34% was "advocacy," and "brand awareness" was third with 17% of the responses. I'm very curious how people would describe what "advocacy" means for their company/communityβ€”if advocacy is one of the core functions of your community and you're up for it, please share how you define it!

Alt Text

Want more data?

Check out the full report over on our new forum! There are insights into benefits, how community teams fit into company structure, how long community managers have been in the biz, and more! If there's something you've been dying to know when it comes to community teams and compensation that we haven't covered, leave a comment on that post and we'll dig into the data and see if we can answer it.

We'll be updating that report annually (and occasionally ad hoc, too), so if you're a community professional please fill out our anonymous survey so we can keep improving our data!

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John @ YEN

love seeing this data! appreciate you all sharing it publicly!

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Alex Angel

Be sure to check out the full post, too. If there are any other insights you're curious about let me know and I'll see if I can answer with the data at hand.