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Discord Drops Gaming - Community Chat Weekly #34

Community Chat Weekly #34 - Discord Ditches Gaming

Community Chat Weekly is a newsletter about building and growing communities, featuring collected tweets, posts and thoughts from various community managers.

πŸ‘‰ Discord becomes a general purpose community platform

Discord launched in 2012 as "chat for gamers", and quickly became the defacto place for video game players to hangout, replacing Skype and other apps that had ruled the past decade. Discord definitely succeeded in attracting an audience with their gaming focus, reaching more than 100 million monthly active users.

But now Discord is going after a much broader audience: everyone. In a blog post released this week, the company's founder Jason Citron announced the company's ambitious plans for inclusion and reaching wider audiences. Discord is now "your place to talk", not "chat for gamers".

"In asking you what you want Discord to be, we heard that you want Discord to be more welcoming, more inclusive, and more trustworthy so more kinds of communities can find a home here."
- Jason Citron - Founder of Discord

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For those of you less familiar with Discord, it looks and feels very similar to Slack, with 'communities on the left,' a sidebar of various chat channels, and then a space for chat. But unlike Slack, Discord was purpose-built for communities, and includes features such as member roles, moderation tools, and voice channels.

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As Discord guns for a wider audience, they leave the door open for purpose-built platforms to come in and reclaim the gaming niche. must be enjoying this recent news.

The Community Chat team has always been a big fan of Discord, but found it hard to recommend to community builders as a general purpose platform, often hearing that it was "only for gamers." With this change in branding and a focus on a more diverse audience, do you think Discord will establish itself as a more viable option for professional community builders?

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πŸ“ Blog Posts

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We’re in an engagement crisis. It’s been exposed by COVID-19 and accelerated by civic unrest. But it’s all rooted in the hurt of individuals and groups not being heard by the institutions meant to be serving their needs. To Chelsea Harring from Hearken, β€œEngagement” means the mutual respect, care and connection that is born from truly listening to each other. She predicts that ROE, or β€œReturn On Engagement,” will become the new growth metric that community organizations will need to put at their center.

An Age Old Question – Social Media vs. Community and Why You Need Both (4 min read)
Why launch an online community if you already have a social presence? Simply put, social is your broadcast channel, and community is your engagement channel. This post by Kennedy from Chaordix explores the answer to this question and more.

A deep dive into the origin and future of "names" in online communities (6 min read)
When joining new online social communities, the default to sign up frequently requires a real name as the cost of entry. But real names vary widely from culture to culture in meaning, history, length, and order, and continue to be highly susceptible to change, differentiation, and permutation, accommodating for nicknames, marital names, and changed spelling. This post is everything you ever wanted to know about "The Name."

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