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💼 Introducing: The Community Club Talent Network | CCW #54

Community Club Weekly
Issue #54 | December 3, 2020

Community Club Weekly is a newsletter about building and growing communities, featuring collected tweets, posts and thoughts from various community managers.

💼 Introducing: The Community Club Talent Network

h/t to Becky, Brian, Danielle, John and many others for a great discussion last week in the community that spurred us to create this!

Over the weekend there was a great discussion in our community about companies valuing community roles properly, or rather, not always valuing them properly. As Brian said:

"Most companies are just getting started in community and don't yet fully understand the kinds of investments from a people perspective that will be required for success."

Building community is hard — it can't be fully automated and requires real people-labor. As community programs continue to mature and be the talk of the town, all of us in the industry need to continue to do the work to show and prove value, and help companies understand how to fairly hire and treat community roles.

The Community Club team gets approached by companies looking to hire for community roles on a regular basis and, while we've had our job board and channel for a while now, we've decided we can take a more active approach not just in helping connect the right candidates with the right roles, but in doing what we can to educate companies about the value that community professionals bring to the table.

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Starting today we're rolling out the first (and very basic) version of our community job and talent network. For those of you looking for work or open to new roles, you can now fill out a form on our jobs page to be added to our talent network. Our team will then do our best to connect you with great and relevant opportunities that come our way!

This talent network will not be publicly discoverable by companies, and we'll ask you before connecting with you with an opportunity that we think might be a good fit. The power will 100% sit in the candidates' hands.

For companies, you can still share your jobs with us and get them shared on our Twitter, Slack, and job board. Additionally, you can now fill out a form here if you'd like our team to help source candidates from our community for you.

And finally, for all you wonderful community consultants out there, we've got a third part to our network, where we'll similarly help connect you with relevant opportunities in the consulting space as they present themselves.

This is one of many steps that we're aiming to take over the next few months to help build better tools, systems, and education around the community hiring process.

📆 Upcoming Events

Upcoming events, from the club and its members.

Community Club Hangout - December 4th @ 4PM ET

🐦 Community Tweets

If you're unable to retain members, figure out the underlying cause before it becomes a problem you can't solve!

What are your favourite ways to build trust so community members feel comfortable sharing their wins/struggles?

Let folks in on the secret! You'll earn trust and they'll understand how much hard work goes in to managing your community.

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🙌 Community Jobs

A handful of open roles from our community. Lots of great senior CM roles this week!

Associate Manager, Community @ WW International

Content & Community Lead @ Thingtesting

Online Community Manager @ Standing On Giants

Developer Advocate @ Notion

Head of Community & Content @ Fable

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