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Platform ≠ Community | Community Chat Weekly #38

Community Chat Weekly #38 - Platform ≠ Community

Community Chat Weekly is a newsletter about building and growing communities, featuring collected tweets, posts and thoughts from various community managers.

This week's newsletter features guest content from Erin Mikail Staples!

🤷‍♀️ What platform is best for my community?

One of the most asked questions within our Community Chat slack channel typically revolves around the type of platform and what platform is best for what community. With countless ways that people can gather (online and off... when not in the middle of a global pandemic, of course), it can be overwhelming at first.

But what if we said, that’s really not something you shouldn’t stress too much about? Communities are platform-agnostic - your community will thrive no matter the platform if you’re committed to putting in the work to make it work.

Our favorite analogy for the whole community and platform breakdown is to think about it like a dinner party. At a good dinner party, you’re often raving about the people you met, or the connections you made. The venue or the food served can be additive or detractive to the experience, but largely it doesn’t make or break the group as a whole.

That being said, we’ve curated our favorite thoughts on platforms, some pros and cons to each of them, and listed out our favorite communities on them here.

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Determining your community’s purpose

One thing that can help make the decision of what platform to use goes back to thinking about what your community's needs are. Better yet, take it one step further -- why did you gather. Recently we’ve heard of communities of #CoderDads (that’s a group of Dads that Code), that have a Slack group that chats about learning to code.

The group, founded by Emmett Naughton and Will Johnson, started a way to hold dad’s accountable and offer support on their learn-to-code journey. Due to its ease of use, and ability to have asynchronous conversations -- Slack was chosen as the platform.

Through defining the purpose, Naughton was able to take a small learn-to-code community to include all dads-who-code, wherever they may be on their journey.

“Right now it’s mostly talking about our wins or how we approach networking. We have shared tips and tricks to networking,” Naughton said, “Sharing each other’s blog posts and projects has been huge for some dads.”

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