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🍬 Sweet lessons about community basics | CCW #53

Community Club Weekly
Issue #53 | November 25, 2020

Community Club Weekly is a newsletter about building and growing communities, featuring collected tweets, posts and thoughts from various community managers.

🍬 Sweet Lessons About Community from Ecommerce

Last week I ordered some audio equipment (wonder what for 🤔) from a company I'd never ordered anything from before and had a really great customer experience. Not an ad, I promise! Keep reading and we'll bring it back to community.

My usual reaction to receiving unsolicited texts right after ordering something online is 😡. But the message I got from Sweetwater shortly after placing my order felt different. Also yes, my real name is Mackenzie. Cat's out of the bag!

Alt Text

They didn't send me the usual automated text, with some link to buy more, or offer me a discount to "thank me" and encourage me to order again. They simply thanked me for the order, and let me know that it was in the works.

Then my package arrived, and it included a handwritten note and candy! Really putting the sweet in Sweetwater. At first I didn't think much of this, but then I spoke to Cole (who recommended them to me in the first place), and it turned out they'd actually reached out to him to see how he was enjoying the last thing he'd bought.

Alt Text

Never once did they use mine or Cole's info to try and push more sales at us directly. No coupon codes, no 'come back and buy more' emails. Just genuine interest in our satisfaction and experience.

Now you're probably wondering, what does ecommerce customer experience have to do with building community? Read the full post on the community!

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Upcoming events, from the club and its members.

Community Club Hangout - December 4th @ 4PM ET

🐦 Community Tweets

Be intentional in how you build and invest in your communities, and do it sooner rather than later!

Great discussion with differing perspectives on marketing, sales, and community.

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🙌 Community Jobs

A handful of open roles from our community. Lots of great senior CM roles this week!

Part-time Community Manager @ Special X

Community Manager @ Run The World

Global Community Manager @ Ashoka

Head of Executive Community @ Reforge

Social Media & Community Coordinator (Part-Time) @ Crave It

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