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The Specialization of Community Roles | Community Club #42

Community Club Weekly
Issue #42 | September 10, 2020

Community Club Weekly is a newsletter about building and growing communities, featuring collected tweets, posts and thoughts from various community managers.

πŸ™Œ The Specialization of Community Management Roles

Community Managers have always been experts at wearing many hats. You could ask 10 different individuals what they think β€˜community’ is and receive 10 completely different answers, which is why it’s not unusual to find a Community Manager (CM) involved in everything from marketing, support, customer success, social media, and a number of other random duties.The blurred lines between community and other internal channels, in combination with the confusion as to what exactly a CM does, has led to many β€œhybrid” roles that tend to be placed under the community umbrella.

However, as more and more companies learn how to define community and understand its value, it will become commonplace for community to be its own department, similar to Sales or Marketing or Customer Success, and the team will ladder up to a Chief Community Officer. Specializations like Community Success Managers, Community Marketers, Community Operations, good old Community Managers (the OGs!), and a number of other unique titles will eventually make up this department. Of course, not every company will have a need or want for all of these different roles, and there will always be some overlap of responsibilities because of that. But most importantly, community will finally have a seat at the table.

Some of these roles already exist today but are in their infancy, but what might some of these specialized roles look like? For the sake of simplicity, we're only taking a look at general community management, and not delving into other areas such as Developer Relations. That's a whole other post in itself!

Community Success Managers

CSMs will likely look different at almost every company because, like community, success has so many different meanings. The core function, however, will likely tie back to whatever is necessary for a community to succeed (at Commsor, this is sort of like a hybrid account exec and CM role... if this sounds like something you'd be interested in, submit an application for the job we just opened!)

Community Marketers

Rather than being focused on building an audience, they'll be tasked with making community initiatives seen and heard, while interacting with community members across various social channels and gathering product feedback directly from the community.

Community Operations

These are the folks behind the scenes, building escalation procedures, figuring out the best rules/guidelines, training new CMs, and primarily focus on development and strategy rather than tactical tasks.

Internal Community Managers

Internal CM requires not only a large company, but one with a rich culture of openness and discussion. The Internal CM's responsibilities could involve setting high-level communication standards across these workplace communities, sharing community achievements or successes, and being the voice of internal community with executives and relevant stakeholders.

Community Managers

The CM role will be responsible for enacting and managing the plans for meeting business goals, and will work closely with Community Marketers and Product teams since they are on the front lines day in and day out.

Chief Community Officer

The CCO will be part of the executive team, and will be responsible for ensuring that the rest of the leadership team understands the importance and true value that community brings to their company.

Do you have any of these roles at your current company? Are the division of responsibilities similar or significantly different from what we've outlined? What role do you have? If you want to contribute to SCIENCE! you should think about filling out [our survey about the state of community jobs and compensation]

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