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This newsletter is a year old! | CCW #52

Community Club Weekly
Issue #52 | November 19, 2020

Community Club Weekly is a newsletter about building and growing communities, featuring collected tweets, posts and thoughts from various community managers.

🕺 52 Issues of CCW

It's been a little over a year, and 52 issues, since we sent the first CCW. Community Chat Weekly #0 contained just a question of the week, 5 tweets, and 3 blog posts, and was sent to just 12 people (half of which were my family 😅). Watching this newsletter grow from a collection of tweets into a thriving community, mentorship program, Forem, virtual summit with 1400 attendees, a fund, and a whole team has honestly made the past year the best year of my life. And that's saying something given how psychotic every other element of the past 12 months has been.

To say that I have the best job in the world would be an understatement. I get to wake up every day and hang out with a community of incredible community builders, watching as everyone continues to push this industry forward and upward!

A huge thank you to everyone who has subscribed, read, participated, shared, and helped enable the past year for us at The Community Club. We wouldn't be what we are today without our incredible community, and what an incredible community it is!

And an even bigger thank you to the incredible team that helps make this newsletter and community possible every single day. Alex, Cole, Katrine, Katelyn, and everyone else on the Club team, you're the best possible people one could ever hope to work with.

Here's to many more issues of CCW, and many many more years of building community. 🎉

🎬 And that's a wrap!

And just like that, we're at the end of the 24 days of community! Over the last 24 days we've put together blog posts, fireside chats, AMAs, and more with many incredible members of the community. Missed any? We've got a full list below for you!

Day 1 - The launch of Forem & Job Survey Results
Day 2 - AMA with Holly Firestone
Day 3 - Three Strategic Areas Every CM Needs to Define by Carter Gibson
Day 4 - AMA with Cindy Au
Day 5 - Building Inclusive Communities with Najva Sol & Danielle Letayf
Day 6 - Spooky Online Communities by Alex Angel
Day 7 - 5 Things to Do When Changing Platforms by Jocelyn Hsu and How to Migrate Communities to Different Platforms by Erica Moss
Day 8 - Defining Community for Businesses by Mac Reddin
Day 9 - What to Think About When Creating Rules by Alex Angel
Day 10 - In Community We Trust by Rick Turoczy
Day 11 - Fireside Chat About Moderation with Shana Sumers
Day 12 - All the Feels by Brian Oblinger and Erica Kuhl
Day 13 - Extra Life Gaming Marathon!
Day 14 - Sunday Musings about the Chief Community Officer Job Title by Erik Martin
Day 15 - AMA with Jake McKee
Day 16 - Fireside Chat on Product-Led Communities by Erin Mikail Staples
Day 17 - AMA with Tessa Kriesel
Day 18 - Lean Community Launch Framework by Noele Flowers
Day 19 - AMA with John Saddington
Day 20 - Metrics That Matter by Katelyn Gillum
Day 21 - Investing in Community-Driven Companies by Lolita Taub
Day 22 - Fireside Chat about Paid Communities with Preet Singh
Day 23 - Onboarding New Community Members by Andy McIlwain
Day 24 - On Call Community Expert with Danielle Maveal

14 blog posts, 5 AMAs, 4 fireside chats, 1 workshop, and 1 gaming marathon. So much community goodness for you to catch up on!

📆 Upcoming Events

Upcoming events, from the club and its members.

IS-CL Summit - November 17th - 19th

Community Club Hangout - November 19th @ 6PM ET

🐦 Community Tweets

What do you do to enable pride within your community?

We love seeing community professionals get the recognition they deserve within their companies (and within the community 😉)

Authenticity is so critical for building relationships (within communities or otherwise)

📚 Community Reading List

Community blog posts and articles from the past week.

Why your Community Team should make product decisions

Community teams are in a special position within companies to help make product decisions--they have direct access to customers and users.
By Manuel Gutsche

How InVision is advancing their design leadership community on Slack

An interview with Mindaugas Petrutis, Customer Experience Manager at InVision.
By Frank Lagendijk

Community Based Marketing strategy - brand new guide to CBM

What is Community Based Marketing (CBM), who is doing it well and what does best practice look like?

🙌 Community Jobs

A handful of open roles from our community. Lots of great senior CM roles this week!

Community Manager @ Run The World

Global Community Manager @ Ashoka

Head of Executive Community @ Reforge

Social Media & Community Coordinator (Part-Time) @ Crave It

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