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Discussion on: #ClubChat: As a CM, are you more interested in developing into people management, or on an individual contributor track?

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Although I do love my current individual contributor role, I think there is something special about being in community leadership.

For me, I stumbled into community 3 years ago now and it has been an adventure ever since. After a few years of having a career that made me miserable, I landed my very first Community job. My manager at the time really let me flex my creativity and encouraged me to per-sue my ideas, even if they were difficult, or way outside of the box. For me, thats why I fell in love with community. I remember the way I felt when every time I went to my manager with every crazy idea and he encouraged me instead of shaming me for thinking "too big".

For me, being on a management path in the community space allows me to share with others the power of community and give those "big thinkers" like me, a person to have as a mentor. If I can get just one person in our awesome niche field, support them, mentor them and tell them that I believe, even if others may not yet, I would have had a successful career.