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Community Content V. Marketing Content

communitykaila profile image Kaila ・1 min read

Im trying to describe the difference between community content and Marketing Content to non-community people. Do you guys have any resources on what the differences are?

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Ben Halpern

Here are some thoughts:

If an organization is small, the difference is tone and purpose. I'm sure this could be better articulated, but there's a "you know it when you see it" quality to the different styles of communication.

If an organization is large enough, the difference can come from having separate departments. Community will act like community, and marketing will act like marketing. The two departments might intersect some, but as long as marketing isn't entirely doing community or vice versa, I think you accomplish that difference in tone and purpose by separating the departments.

This is my best attempt at adding to the other answers.

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Oliver Ding

@Kalia, I want to reply your post with an chart. However, the system doesn't allow me to upload images.

Check out the following link to see my chart:

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Ben Halpern
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Kaila Author

Thank you so much @oliverding . This graphic has been very helpful.