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I am building a points based gamification program from the bottom up for my community. I want to start off with the basics. Does anyone have any suggestions on how where to start?

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Rosemary ONeill

First thing is to get a really good handle on what incentivizes your particular community member type. Is it ego, altruism, career advancement, curiosity? How does that tie into your purpose behind the community itself as well? (i.e., what does your org want people to do?)

Once you know that, you can tie different incentives to behaviors, like automatically progressing custom titles, little badges/flags, points system, public leaderboard, physical swag, progressive permissions or access to a special VIP space, etc.

And always keep in mind that you might need to tweak your point values along the way. I recently was helping a client who started out with a certain point level system, and the members blew it out of the water too quickly, so she had to add higher levels immediately. Be ready to adjust.

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Ben Halpern

I'd say avoid implementing anything that feels like grinding... Make it fun and interesting. Raw accumulation of points can be addictive, but not necessarily good for everyone involved.

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Yeah avoiding the heavy RPG style gamification. We have some light gamification here, with badges for posting consistently, getting top comments, etc, all thanks to what Forem has built in ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Kaila, I have lots of suggestions! Much of it is written in a slide deck, if you'd like to schedule a short call w visuals, would be open to it!

Otherwise, ours is based upon a few surveys inquiring what motivators & incentives the community is moved by --

Then, collated the research & a/b tested which actually worked for people [were they being fully honest, or just telling us what they thought we wanted to hear?] --

Made the incentives & 'prizes' official -

Since i'm with a student community, biggies for them are:

  • $$
  • certificates of completion
  • letters of recommendation
  • free product
  • swag, books, et al

Also just added 'badges' and various ways to obtain those badges from non-required, bonus activities like 'share your referral link x times' or 'submit a blog post'

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Shannon Pritchett

Try to stay on brand, but keep it fun and a little mysterious. We just launched ours if you'd like to chat.