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Is Community the Answer to The War on Talent? A Conversation with Donut’s Dan Manian

Do you have a best friend at work? According to Dan Manian, it could be a game changer!

After spending years working in product at fast-growing startups, Dan co-founded Donut to help teams foster cultures of connectivity and collaboration. 

In this episode, Dan and Marsha chat about how to create rituals for your team that foster camaraderie and community. Dan also shares some great ideas around how to build connections equitably in a hybrid environment. 

Episode Notes:

Donut's Community: #donut-be-strangers

Donut has a new community, #donut-be-strangers, to connect the people who connect everyone else. If you're interested in meeting fellow connectors, learning vetted approaches to team engagement, and sharing what's worked for you, then you can go to and use the chat popup to request your invitation!

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