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Discussion on: AMA with Holly Firestone

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Danielle Letayf

Curious about metrics of success for enterprise communities! Also, what management tools do you typically use (fingers crossed your community isn't Zap'd together like most others 😅).

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Holly Firestone Ask Me Anything

This is a meaty question, Danielle! I love it!

Success metrics largely depend on your business goals. I always make sure that the work I’m doing ties back to supporting those top level goals. I’d recommend that you always track other success metrics tied to ROI for other teams (and of course also community health success metrics). Some examples of those are: support deflection, product ideation, customer attrition, customer expansion, integrations/solutions built, NPS scores, customer health scores, customer ROI, product adoption etc. There’s a lot- it really depends on the audiences you’re focused on and what your community looks like!

Tools, a much larger discussion than I think I can cover in a response here. 🧐 There’s online community tools, event management tools, tracking tools, support tools, content management tools, marketing tools, email tools, and the list goes on and on and on. Anything in particular you’re curious about?