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Making virtual events more social

I was so thrilled to bump into this post about a conference that built a game-like environment for their conference attendees.

Would love to hear about any events you attended (or hosted) that surprised, delighted, or connected you to others in an inspiring or creative way.

Here are a few special moments I experienced recently:
I attended a call that kicked off with a high-production video –– in the video each of the attendees was edited in creatively, and featured as a space explorer ready to go on an otherworldly adventure. Mind blown.

At another event, the host graciously introduced every attendee –– pointing out what he thought were their best qualities and most impressive accomplishments. It was so fun to listen to and you could tell everyone was so relieved to not have to give the same old intro to the group. What a gracious hosts to take that task on!

Finally, one event had all attendees unmute and whisper "you got this" before each person's introduction. It was a cute way to build energy, camaraderie, and keep attendees engaged through a long set of intros.

Would love to hear about any other special moments, rituals, activities!

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Alex Angel

I love these 😍 Going to have to try and incorporate some fun things like these for our future events.