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The Ultimate Community Survey

I'm about to send this out to my newsletter, but wanted to post here in advance for feedback!

I'm working on the ultimate community survey that can help measure three areas of community success.

  1. Sense of community (Inspired by this study) –– how authentically connected do members feel to each other?
  2. Brand or organization affinity –– how positively do members feel about the community organizers/brand?
  3. Community-member fit –– do you have the right community strategy for these members?

Finally, I like to end most of my surveys with two open ended questions that can help bring insights to what you should invest in and what you should divest in. See questions 4a and 4b.

I'd love your feedback! What survey questions do you ask?

The Ultimate Community Survey

1a) I think this community is a good place for me to be a member. (Likert scale)

1b) I’ve gotten support or help from this community. (Likert scale)

1c) I feel like other group members know me. (Likert scale)

1d) I've made genuine friendships within this community. (Likert scale)

2a) On a scale of zero to ten, how likely are you to recommend this group to a friend?

2b) I feel like my values are aligned with the organization and other community members. (Likert scale)

2c) I feel supported by the team running this community. (Likert scale)

3) How would you feel if you could no longer be part of this community? (Very disappointed, Somewhat disappointed, Not disappointed)

4) If you could remove one element of the community, what would it be?

5) If could add something to the community, what would it be?

A few notes:
Likert scale = (1) Strongly disagree; (2) Disagree; (3) Neither agree nor disagree; (4) Agree; (5) Strongly agree.

Question 3 is (inspired by SuperHuman's Product-market Fit) If over 40% say 'very disappointed,'there is a great chance you are building a healthy, sustainable, scalable community.

Of course, you might remove, modify, or add questions, depending on your community mission and purpose.

If you have an educational community, one question I like to add is: "I know the next step to take to be successful in this community."

I've created a similar (shorter) survey to send to event attendees, too!

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iamcesarromero profile image

This is a great community survey!

The Sense of Community Index (SCI) is based on a theory of sense of community presented by McMillan and Chavis (1986) that stated that a sense of community was a perception with four elements: membership, influence, meeting needs, and a shared emotional connection.

Here are other questions that you could use as well:

daniellexo profile image
daniellexo Author

Thanks for this! I hadn't see that hosted ungated before. Now I can share! :)

john profile image
John Preston

This is awesome, I love how you tied this to existing research (both the paper you linked and the work Superhuman did)!

jocelynhsu profile image

This is great Danielle! Thanks for sharing.

alex profile image
Alex Angel

Looooove this so much. As Mac said, definitely going to borrow this for our own community!

mac profile image

Absolutely love the framing of this with the three different areas of measurement! This feels like the community version of NPS surveys, and I am 100% going to be using this for our own community.