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Facebook Groups vs LinkedIn Groups

Hi Community Builders!

I'm building a Community for Data Professionals in Startups / Scale-ups with a focus around learning and exchange of best practices. I started off in Slack with an invitation-only policy but I have a feeling I should scale first and maybe build a "premium community" only after I have proven that my community concept / strategy works.

Now I am wondering if I should use LinkedIn or Facebook Groups? Or both? Or even develop all three at the same time, see what works and then shifting focus accordingly? What do you think are the pros- and cons of the different approaches? Anyone here who went through the same decision making process?

I saw a good post here recently discussing Facebook Groups but I couldn't find any opinions on LinkedIn Groups within this community.


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As you built a Data Professionals community, my advice will be : Linkedin.
It is a professional Social Network instead of Facebook.

If you use Facebook people maybe don't want to mix their personal ID with "professional" use.

I hope my comment will help you.