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Dave Liao • Edited

Howdy, y'all!

@cbath 's post on the Four F's of Community-Led Product Development convinced me to sign up to Community Club!

🍻 In the past, I hosted networking events for a non-profit! Nowadays, I'm a volunteer contributor on Atlassian Community. (Using Jira, Confluence, or another Atlassian tool? Join up!)

I help teams work together better, teaching (what I think is) common sense tactics. I'm part of the Prahok Co. team, say hi!

In my spare time, I dream about keyboarded gadgets. You might see me on - drumming up support for devices that often get short shrift:

Me holding a phone

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Chelsea Bathurst

Aw Dave! Welcome to the club! I used atlassian at a previous company and really loved how it got everyone on the same page. Also mad respect for the product strategy over there

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Dave Liao

@cbath I'm just a volunteer over at Atlassian Community, not an employee! One day, one day... 😆