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Dawn Ferguson

Hiya, my name is Dawn, and I am what my son would call a "Newbie"

My previous career was in Office Management, so I am an allrounder so to speak.

I have set up my Childhood Autism Advisory Centre which will cater for my local area’s Children with Autism via a Social skills training workshop which will be opening soon.

I am awaiting Tesco Plc’s, CEO Ken Murphy, regarding F&F Clothing manufacturing and selling my Autistic friendlier school range of clothing. A guide on how Supermarket’s can be fully inclusive has been previewed to Tesco also.

A Teaching resource guide to help our teaching staff understand our Autistic children that are educated in mainstream schools has been written and has been requested by over 250+ schools in the past 3 weeks. I plan on changing the Scottish Education System to fully include all our children in learning.

All work completed, to date, has been in my kitchen whilst my son is at school. In my spare time I have written a website blog on “Married to a man on the Spectrum” and I enjoy writing poetry.

I have a lot to learn but seen as I am working on my passion, I cannot wait to learn and join in. Thank you, Dawn