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Dawn Ferguson
Dawn Ferguson

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I am a "Newbie"

Hiya, my name is Dawn, and I am what my son would call a "Newbie" My previous career was in Office Management, so I am an allrounder so to speak.

I have set up my Childhood Autism Advisory Centre which will cater for my local area’s Children with Autism. I am awaiting Tesco Plc’s, CEO Ken Murphy, regarding F&F Clothing manufacturing and selling my Autistic friendlier school range of clothing. A guide on how Supermarket’s can be fully inclusive has been previewed to Tesco also.

A Teaching resource guide to help our teaching staff understand our Autistic children that are educated in mainstream schools has been written and has been requested by over 250+ schools in the past 3 weeks. I plan on changing the Scottish Education System to fully include all our children in learning.

The CAAC website has been bought via Bluehost and under construction, it is under a temporary name as I purchased the website name not realising that I had to wait 60 days before I could transfer it onto the site! Now I know!

All work completed in my kitchen whilst my son is at school. In my spare time I have written a website blog on “Married to a man on the Spectrum” and I enjoy writing poetry. I have a lot to learn but since I am working on my passion, I cannot wait to learn and join in.

Anyone interested in chatting about anything that I have written, please feel free to connect with me.

Kindest regards,

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John Preston

Hi Dawn! So glad you have found the Community Club, I think what you are doing is so important and worthwhile and I hope you can find good resources here to help you grow your community and raise awareness and provide the support these kids need. :)

I'd be interested in reading your “Married to a man on the Spectrum” blog, would you drop a link for us? :)

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Dawn Ferguson Author

Hi John, thank you very much for your message, means a lot to me! My boy is my motivation and driver in everything that I do. I am still trying to fully understand the ins and outs of community, but with a little guidance, I will get there! I always do, in the end...

I have never been asked by anyone to read my blog, it is out there on the web but I do not advertise it. It has neared the end of it's chapter in my life, so I would be happy to share :-) Dawn

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Ben Regier

Hi Dawn! So excited to connect with you soon! :)

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Dawn Ferguson Author

Hi Ben,

Thank you for the message, that was very kind of you. :-)