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Calling Community Consultants, join our collective!

I'm in search of fellow community consultants who may want to join the Community Consultant Collective!

Who we are:
A collective of community consultants who help businesses, companies, organizations, leaders, and others build, launch, and grow successful online communities.

We connect monthly via zoom to discuss challenges with starting out as a community consultant, finding clients, pricing, negotiation, and creating our unique community consulting process/structure.

Call Structure
What kind of clients do/did you work with in regard to community consulting?

Ask - What would help you in your consulting biz or current role?

Give - How can you help one of us or the group?

Are you interested? Send me an email at to learn more and to join us for our next session on April 8th.


Discussion (6)

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Rob McIntosh

Hi Deb - I've sent an email, but leaving a post here to encourage others to do the same. It could be an interesting niche to explore together.

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Deb Author

Yes, I just got your email and will be responding shortly! I'd love for you to join our global Community Consultants Collective at our next session if possible. We have members from UK, Europe, US, Canada, and a few other places.

ruben profile image

Would this apply to wannabe consultant?

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Anthony Rosado

Just sent a email! Recently begun my consulting journey so excited to chat!

techidev profile image

Hi Deb, I have sent Email.

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Valentina Ruffoni

Just sent an email 😊