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Celebrating 6 months as a podcaster today! 🙌

As I look back over the past six months that I've been doing the podcast, it is crazy how far I've come with learning all of this new tech. I'm currently editing my 30th episode and this marks an amazing accomplishment.

Full episodes here

Here's a sneak peek at some upcoming episodes coming in the next few weeks:

March 21: Find Calm building a thriving community with Valentina Ruffoni (CMX Connect Portugal Host)

March 28: Find Calm managing community with Jeffrey Roe (CMX Connect Host Austin, Texas)

April 4: Find Calm managing time with Paul D. Casey

April 11: Find Calm nourishing your family with Amelia

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Ashish Suyal

Hi Deb

Amazing podcast series you have. Would love to have one podcast with you around the community. I know you have many podcasts lined up for next month. if you want we can have a discussion.

debschell1 profile image
Deb Author

Thank you!! Yes, let's connect!