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What does it mean to create a community?

As newbie for my first post I'd like to ask to everyone who love this world a simple question:

What does it mean to you, to create a community?

Very simple, very open and a bit philosophical (i know 🤷‍♂️)

Hope to get great responses, happy to be here. 🤞

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Saphal Inder Singh

A Community is not a buzz word anymore, it is more like a real world. People with the same interest comes together to discuss the ideas, solve problems, innovations, show their side creativity, build sense of integrity, work together, teamwork, and lots more. At the time of pandemic, people moved to their home and all the social channels where they came together to work and stable their before pandemic life was a community itself. Creating a community is an asset for the business but with correct management & planning. Your objectives must be clear and defined accurately.

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For me there are 2 types of communities :

  • Owned : you build a community from scratch and usually you create a specific digital tool to reunite your community.
  • Earned : you have already fans on social media and they come to you more easily.

For me a community, it's made by different people (customers or prospects or employees ) but they have one common point is : your brand / company.
It means they share your values and give you feedback (positive and negative).
All together make great content by sharing information, help each other, suggestion new ideas and so much more.
To keep and attract membres you have to do daily animation, promotion and communication.
A community need a great team who will moderate, animate and take right decision according to the KPIs.

Digital community exist since long time but for sure the pandemic accelerate the trend. All companies and brand must reunit their community in one digital tool with official communication.

Thanks for this question. I hope my answer will help you.