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Emily Herrera
Emily Herrera

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GenZ community-based companies that have raised?

Hi! Any you can think of? I know of Ladder and Launch House but can't think of any others!!

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Ben Halpern

I don’t really know what to add, but I will say that young people were so profoundly affected by Covid, that it will be really interesting to see what happens in this space.

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Mary Scotton (she/her)

@ben I agree AND I know a few of those young people. I'm working with Daniel Lee who paused his senior year at Stanford to solve the social problem he was seeing with his peers: lack of connection in virtual spaces (internships, classrooms, events).

I'm taking that product (Nooks, in beta, launching soon!) to the Salesforce Community Groups to bring the fun & engagement back! (my fave response:

It's a small scrappy startup, but growing fast and I'd love your thoughts if you have time to connect.

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Alex Angel

Late to this thread, but one that comes to mind is!